The Vancouver Island Ghostbusters

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Our franchise has been in existence since 2002, and we are very well known in our area. We attend Halloween functions including Haunted displays, mall activities, and general street patrol on Halloween night.

Cool Content

This site is a lot of fun! Dozen of "easter eggs", cool 80's retro look in the design,with a touch of cartoon-ish appeal. There are two sites actually. The main site has a sweet Flash intro, the second site (accessed by the big green button on the main site, is the ARCHIVES site, with photos of our pasts, as well as games. The games are simple and fun. Practice your Proton pack skills, and print a diploma. This was made years ago, and IMHO, was the about the best (and only) GB game out there until recently! Also a Trivia game, and much much more. Check out the portrait of Vigo over the fireplace! Can anyone find the house number easter egg?

Too much to explain, take a few minutes and check it out for yourself!