The Sleaze

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The Sleaze is a gross and smelly Class 5. He appeared in The Real Ghostbusters. He first appeared in the Slimer! short Don't Tease the Sleaze, where he was captured and put in the containment grid. Ray tells Slimer not to tease the Sleaze. Slimer unfortunately doesn't listen and ends up accidentally freeing the Sleaze when he makes the Sleaze roar with such a force that the spud is slammed against a button that shuts the grid off temporarily. When the Sleaze runs loose, Slimer gets help from the Junior Ghostbusters to recapture the Sleaze. After several failed attempts, the Sleaze is eventually restored to the Containment Unit. His second appearance was in the episode The Slob, where he is revealed to have an older brother named The Glob. The Glob meets Professor Dweeb and has him free the Sleaze in exchange that he give him Slimer. After the deal is made, Slimer escapes. The Glob and the Sleaze are able to become a monster named the Slob by merging together. The Ghostbusters trick the brother ghosts by using Dweeb to attract the Sleaze and have them captured individually.