The Glob

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The Glob is a smelly and gross Class 5, much like the Sleaze. He appeared in The Real Ghostbusters in the episode The Slob, where it is revealed that the Sleaze, who was captured earlier in the Slimer! short Don't Tease the Sleaze, is his baby brother. He makes a deal with Professor Dweeb so that he frees him from the Containment Unit in exchange that he get Slimer for him. The Glob, however, betrays Dweeb and the reunited ghost brothers merge to become the Slob. As the Slob, the ghosts are virtually immune to the Ghostbusters' proton streams, so Egon had to trick them into separating by using Dweeb to attract the Sleaze. By doing this, the Ghostbusters were able to trap the ghosts individually.