Temporary Insanity

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"Temporary Insanity"
Extreme Ghostbusters episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 34
Written by Richard Mueller
Original air date November 28, 1997 (1997-11-28)
Episode chronology
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"Mole People"
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Extreme Ghostbusters: Season 1
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Janine, feeling unappreciated, takes the chance on a postcard, saying that she's won a week long vacation in Bermuda, and hoping it isn't some real estate scam, trying to get her to buy some swamp land. While she's gone, the firehall falls into a state of disorder, and it only took under 20 minutes. Egon hires a temp called Lilith. Suddenly, these energy demons come around, sucking the power out of any scource. The EGB's find the energy suckers surrounding Lilith, supposedly attacking her. They manage to chase them off, But Lilith has other plans...




  • The episode where Janine dons the old costume is "Temporary Insanity," there's no "A" in front of it. Gramatically yes there probably SHOULD be one, but that's not the script title. I was originally assigned to work on the episode and traded it with someone else; I believe I traded it to work on "Witchy Women" but could have been "Back in the Saddle Part One." Why? In one of those uncanny twists of fate, early on in the production process, I'd done a spec script in which Egon acquired a teaching assistant who really had a supernatural background. Some elements (very few!) were common, enough so that I felt uncomfortable seeing that script through production. Mine was not of a level to be produced, largely because parts of the show concept were still in flux when I wrote it. Life happens. - Shannon Muir
  • There was a lot of photocopies of REAL GHOSTBUSTERS art delivered to the studio for us to sort through for concept needs or reference. That's what they used as a starting point for the Firehouse and other familiar characters and locations. I think the Grundel model came straight out of there. I remember trying to find a model of one of the Ghostbusters standing alone -- I think we wound up using Venkman -- so that Fil (Barlow) could sketch from it as a reference to put Janine in an old uniform for "Temporary Insanity." (This was shortly before I turned that episode over to someone else per my earlier note.) - Shannon Muir