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This template is used similarly to {{tl}}, to show the name of a template with the open and close braces around it. But this macro makes the inner braces part of the link, whereas {{tl}} does not make the braces part of the link. This is to allow shorter template names to be easier to click on. The "Tn" name is short for Template name.



It will render this:


Compare with:


Which renders this:


See also

There are several similar templates, these two lists most of them with some examples:

Template linking templates
Link style Linked Unlinked Linked with subst Linked including braces Linked with alternative text
Text style {{tlg}} option <syntaxhighlight lang="text" enclose="none">nolink=yes</syntaxhighlight> <syntaxhighlight lang="text" enclose="none">subst=yes</syntaxhighlight> <syntaxhighlight lang="text" enclose="none">braceinside=yes</syntaxhighlight> <syntaxhighlight lang="text" enclose="none">alttext=FOO</syntaxhighlight>
Normal {{tl}} · {{tlp}} · {{tlg}} {{tlf}} {{tls}} · {{tlsp}} {{tn}} {{tla}}
Teletype <syntaxhighlight lang="text" enclose="none">tt=yes</syntaxhighlight> {{tlx}} {{tld}} · {{tnull}} {{tlxs}}
Bold <syntaxhighlight lang="text" enclose="none">bold=yes</syntaxhighlight> {{tlb}}
Bold teletype <syntaxhighlight lang="text" enclose="none">bold=yes|tt=yes</syntaxhighlight> {{tlxb}}
Italic teletype <syntaxhighlight lang="text" enclose="none">italic=yes|tt=yes</syntaxhighlight> {{tlxi}}
Code <syntaxhighlight lang="text" enclose="none">code=yes</syntaxhighlight> {{tlc}}
NOTE: {{tlg}} is the most general, allowing any combination of the above options.

Style comparison
  • {{tlf|Milford Haven Line|弘安源氏論議}} ...produces... {{Milford Haven Line|弘安源氏論議}}
  • {{tld|Milford Haven Line|弘安源氏論議}} ...produces... {{Milford Haven Line|弘安源氏論議}}
  • {{tlc|Milford Haven Line|弘安源氏論議}} ...produces... {{Milford Haven Line|弘安源氏論議}}

For parameter description
  • {{para|<var>name</var>|value}} ...renders... |name=value