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Spook Central is Paul Rudoff's site for just about everything Ghostbusters. The site has been running since August of 1996 and offers many cool features including trivia, multimedia, downloads, deleted scenes, and much MUCH more.





[b]August 1996[/b] The site was created and premiered to the world at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/7218/. The first version of the site had a yellow background and one picture of the library ghost on the main page.

[b]May 19, 2004[/b] Started using a blog to provide information, news, and site updates on the main page. The blog was hosted by Bravenet and embedded into Spook Central via an iframe.

[b]May 18, 2008[/b] The blog was moved from Bravenet to the same server that hosted Spook Central, which was Ecto-Web.org, thus fully incorporating it into Spook Central.

[b]January 29, 2009[/b] At 8:00 PM EST Spook Central hosted a community first: a live two-hour online broadcast of Ghostbusters (1984), as broadcast on ABC on January 29, 1989, with all of the original commercials - exactly twenty years to the date and hour of the original broadcast! The video was streamed live from Paul's VCR, with chat services provided by Ghostbusters Fans. Some multimedia from the broadcast can be found on [url=http://spookcentral.cjb.net/scblog/index.php/2009/01/30/multimedia-from-spook-central-live-event]Spook Central's blog[/url].

[b]August 12, 2010[/b] Premiered a new site design with a fixed 900 pixel width featuring the Gozer temple as a background image. In honor of the site's 14th anniversary, a set of seven new site header images was created by artist Tristan Jones, which are randomly displayed on each page (or when the page is reloaded).

[b]August 1, 2011[/b] To mark the occassion of Spook Central being online for 15 years, Paul had a special little souvenir made: a limited edition [url=http://spookcentral.cjb.net/scblog/index.php/2011/08/01/spook-central-15th-anniversary-patch]Spook Central 15th Anniversary embroidered sew-on patch[/url]. Limited to a quantity of 100 patches, the design of the approximately 3x2-inch patch is meant to invoke the look of the original "Spook Central" title logo from March 1997. (The site premiered in August 1996, but didn't get a logo image until 1997, thanks to Bill Emkow.)