South Carolina Ghostbusters

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The South Carolina Ghostbusters is group of cosplayers and prop builders that use our love of the Ghostbusters films to have fun and hopefully spread cheer. We enjoy attending events in our gear and spending time with other fans. Making the fans happy isn�t our only mission though, we like to convert folks into fandom! Even if you aren�t a fan of the films (we can�t imagine why you wouldn�t be), you are a fan of something. Spreading the awesome fun of costuming and prop building to everybody is part of our mission. Are you a Star Wars fan? A fan of Firefly possibly? Take a look at our costumes and props, they weren�t super hard to make! You can take your favorite show or characters and do the same thing we do! We also support several charities as well! Helping give back to the World is something we love doing!