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Here's a new style of PKE Meter built from a hospital TV controller. It features two bright LEDs that light up red at the end of the scanning antennas, a row of 3 yellow LEDs on the control panel, and an orange LED next to them that strobes with the color changing LED behind the viewscreen. The lights run off of 4 AAA batteries that are easily changing by unscrewing the panel on the back. Weathering has been done to make the scanner look used and abused. The decals are custom designed in Photoshop and printed on quality vinyl. I used a leather holster this time instead of a belt clip.

Paints used: - Krylon Primer - Krylon Ultra Flat Black - Tamiya Acrylic Chrome Silver

First everything was primed, then a coat of Ultra Flat Black. Weathering was done with Chrome Silver and then the assembly was sealed with an Acrylic Sealer. Artist's chaulk was then brushed into the corners. --crusader_x (talk)



119 months ago
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Its awsome a new wave of meters

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