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Morgannan is a high ranking demon from the Netherworld, strongly implied to be Hell. He is a deal-maker, making deals with humans and grants them a power or gift in exchange for their souls. He appears in the episode "Chicken, He Clucked". He gave the power to make items dissappear from our world and re-appear on command to a man named Cubby, who's life was turned upside down by chickens.

When news of the deal reached the other demons in Hell, thanks to Morgannan's imp, Morgannan was embarassed to no end and his imp would not let him hear the end of it. To set matters straight, he made an alliance with the Ghostbusters whom Cubby had made dissappear to break the contract, give Cubby his soul back and send the chickens back home.

At the end of the episode, Cubby is checked into a psychiatric hosptial where he gets the treatment he badly needs...from none other than Morgannan himself!


Librarian: (to Egon whom she thinks is cute): Here's my number...just in case.
Egon: Do you have chickens?
Librarian: I could get some. (she winks at him).
Peter: That's disgusting.


  • Cubby himself, despite hating chickens, looks like a chicken!
  • After they are transported to the inbetween world that vanished objects go to, the chickens are hovering in mid air, flapping their wings, while the Ghostbusters are falling. Egon explains this as gravity; in real life, chickens cannot fly sustained distances of any degree, and by all means should have also fell.
  • Proton Packs can be wired to produce alternate thrust, like a rocket engine.