Mee Krah

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Mee Krah appeared in season 3 of The Real Ghostbusters in episode #95 "Standing Room Only"

Mee Krah is a gigantic class 8 entity that awakens every millennium to feed on the energies of ghosts. Dr. Spengler compared Mee Krah to a massive storage battery of psychokinetic energy. Mee Krah is in a constant state of radiation. As it feeds, the level of heat it emits intensifies, and eventually it creates deserts in its wake. It is said that the Sahara, the Gobi, and Death Valley were all created by Mee Krah's past visits.

Its most recent awakening was in the 1980's, where it sought out the Ghostbusters' containment unit. At this time, Peter was trying his hand at engineering a ghost attractor. After Peter completed and activated the device, ghosts began to arrive at the firehouse in hoards, which suggested that the device was operational. In actual fact, the ghosts were not drawn to the firehouse by Peter's invention. They came to the Ghostbusters in order to take refuge from Mee Krah inside the containment unit.

After Egon tampered with Peter's so-called ghost attractor, he managed to find its real function. Peter had accidentally created what Egon dubbed "the world's first ectoplasmic energy capacitor". It was a device that stored energy from any ghosts near it. The Ghostbusters managed to defeat Mee Krah through the use of this new technology. Although, the device promptly shorted out, and collapsed to pieces after being used on Mee Krah.