Mattel: Vinz Clortho Figure

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"Vinz Clortho (with Interchangeable Heads)"
Made by Mattel
Release date March 2011 (2011-03)
MSRP $20.00

Official Club Ecto-1 Figure, March 2011.

Prepare for the rectification of the Vuldronaii with the first-ever Vinz Clortho figure in the Ghostbusters Classics line! The Keymaster has interchangeable “possessed” and “science experiment” heads, as well as a Terror Dog mask — no wonder poor Vinz is confused!

In case he gets hungry (or needs a facial), our 6” figure also includes a pizza slice and popcorn bucket. He may not come with coffee, but he will “have some.”


  • "Possessed" interchangeable head
  • "Science Experiment" interchangeable head
  • Terror Dog Mask
  • Pizza Slice
  • Popcorn Jar


This figure was released online via in March of 2011.