Mattel: Toys R' Us Ghostbusters II/Christmas 4 Pack

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"Toys R' Us Ghostbusters II/Christmas 4 Pack (with Slimer)"
Made by Mattel
Release date October 2010 (2010-10)
MSRP $59.99
UPC Code 00

“We’re back!” Ray Stantz gleefully exclaims to herald the return of the Ghostbusters after they snuff out the Scolari Brothers. Well, even as the package boasts the same, Mattel has broken their Ghostbusters property into mass retail at Toys R Us with this GB2-themed four pack, which is currently hitting. In one fell swoop you can get your fix for the four boys in gray as they are briefly portrayed in the movie.


  • Slimer w/ Stand
  • (4) Christmas Hats


This figure was released exclusively by Toys R' Us in October of 2010.


There were 2 versions of this released in stores. A "hats on" and "hats off" version.