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Marduk was the name of a later Babylonian god from Mesopotamia and was the partron god of the city of Babylon who eventually rose to the top of pantheon in ancient times in Mesopotamia.

He is often associated with water, vegatation, judgement and magic. He is the son of Ea and Damkina. He is commonly dipicted in imagery as human seen with his symbol, which was a great snake-dragon.

Before going into battle, he would often throw lightning before him, envelop his body in flame and summon his most powerful weapon, the flood.

Marduk is often associated with Tiamat, the goddess of the sea. In ancient mythology, the two gods were locked in battle, and in ancient myth, the world was created from the body of Tiamat, often depicted as a many headed serpent or dragon. Maruk is said to have defeated Tiamat with arrows of wind, a net, a mace or club and an invincible spear. The legend below tells of what Marduk did with the parts of Tiamat that were left over:

"And the lord stood upon Tiamat's hinder parts, And with his merciless club he smashed her skull. He cut through the channels of her blood, And he made the North wind bear it away into secret places."

He cut Tiamat in two, and made her ribs into the vault of earth and the heavens. He took her eyes and made them the source of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers as they were eternally crying.

The Real Ghostbusters

In the episode "I Am the City", Marduk arrives in modern day New York, thinking he has left his ancient foe far behind, hoping to enjoy the city without being found out that he is a god, because to him, the city is himself and he is the city. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when Tiamat tracks Marduk down and once again, Marduk and Tiamat go to war, in the middle of Central Park!

With some help from the Ghostbusters, Marduk is finally able to subdue and defeat his eternal enemy, seemingly destroying himself in the process.

Little did the Ghostbusters know that Marduk was alive and well and continued to live out his existence in peace in the city in various disguises, never to have to fight with Tiamat ever again.