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Lothgar was a demon who played tricks on people who were greedy back in 1890. Some villagers eventually got wise to his tricks and imprisoned him in a barren, empty world inside an enchanted clock with the gears jammed to ensure that Lothgar would remain in the clock. After 100 years, the clock is used in a toy store in New York, where the gears are fixed. Lothgar sends out three minions to possess three toys that become presents for Lawrence's birthday. The three possessed toys take Lawrence to Lothgar's world, where the demon convinces the boy that he will get everything he wants. Peter was imprisoned in a candy cage for sneaking in his lair. Louis Tully and the other Ghostbusters come in to rescue both him and Lawrence. At that time, Lothgar tricked Lawrence into trading places with him, making Lothgar more powerful and Lawrence doomed to take Lothgar's place as prisoner. Fortunately, Lothgar was trapped and everyone made it out of the clock safely. Lothgar's Class Level is unknown, but it is likely that he is a Class 7 or higher.