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Extreme Ghostbusters episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 14
Written by Steve Roberts
Original air date September 25, 1997 (1997-09-25)
Episode chronology
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"Be Careful What You Wish For"
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"The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It"
Extreme Ghostbusters: Season 1
Extreme Ghostbusters: Episode Guide

Electrical and Mechanical systems all over the city are going out. The problem is a Gremlin and its hunger for mechanical parts is causing some major issues for the city and the Ghostbusters. When the FBI get involved and try to arrest the Ghostbusters for fraud and malicious mischief the Gremlin may never be captured!




  • It is this episode that we finally get definite background on the Ghostbusters. Some we knew some we did not.
    • Kylie Griffin: Parents Divorced, Close relationship with the Grandmother who died one year ago, owns a black cat named Pegan, a Brainiac with a scientific interest of the Paranormal.
    • Eduardo Rivera: Lives with older brother who is a Cop they don't get along, Listens to Punk Music and is Anti-Social.
    • Roland Jackson: Oldest Sibling in a large middle class family, involved in little league and food for the homeless,
    • Garrett Miller: Disabled since birth, interest in extreme sports loves the "Rush", currently studying to be a physical therapist.
  • According to Egon a Gremlin is what sunk the Titanic.
  • I did the research to help the artists design the US Online logo for "Greased." The person assigned to make it wasn't terribly internet-literate, so I came all the way back to my apartment and did sign on screen captures of AOL, CompuServe, and any other freebie disc I had, then busted my rear back. Had to be out of the office for TWO HOURS! I installed things just to get their screen captures then uninstalled them! The result is that spiffy highway logo on Garrett's laptop. (This episode was later turned over to and completed under the supervision of my friend Scott Bernstein, who later went to Warner Brothers to Production Coordinate on BATMAN BEYOND and STATIC SHOCK). - Shannon Muir


FBI Agent Jack Stone: "Its a bomb!"