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The GhostbustersMania born January 26, 2011. A site / blog non-profit organization dedicated to the passion of the film Ghostbusters.

Entirely dedicated to those who want to share GhostbustersMania in anticipation of the wave ectoplasmic of 2012!

This site is not intended as a rival or other GB franchise, wants to be a small contribution to share this wonderful passion that unites us from all over the world.

W Ghostbusters W fans!

If you want to contribute by sending video images or other write to

1660_7130521792.jpg Ghostbusters Tribute Day 2011

1660_7203234592.jpg By submitting a photo of your group with the logo GBMania, customized the header of the site for a week. In addition, the most voted photo will receive a Ghostbustersmania gadgets.

1660_3043091470.jpg] Fun video and photos of your PKE