Ghostbusters II (Activision)

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This iteration of Activision's Ghostbusters II was the official version produced, subsequently ported over several platforms.

The game features several arcade sequences based on the film: Van Horne: the player controls Ray Stantz as he is lowered into an air shaft of the disused Van Horne subway system to collect a sample of slime. He is armed with his proton pack and other weaponry with which to defend himself against the myriad of ghosts that attack: some will collide or grab him and cause damage, while others will attempt to cut his rope. The player must collect the three segments of the slime scoop, as well as ammo and health, during the descent. Journey to the Museum: the Statue of Liberty has been brought to life by "mood slime" and is marching toward the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the player controls a floating fireball (generated from the Statue's torch) which fires horizontal shots and must be used to protect the Statue from swarms of ghosts. Impacts from ghosts (or regeneration of the fireball) uses up precious slime, though it can be replenished from destroyed ghosts. Showdown in the Museum: the player controls the four Ghostbusters individually, armed variously with proton packs and slime dispensers, in an isometric 3D level. The four heroes must rappel into the Museum and fight Janosz, Vigo the Carpathian, and finally a possessed Ray, in order to save the world.

Activision also made a version of the game for the Atari 2600 in 1989. However, the then-12 year old system was on its last legs, and knowing the state of the 2600, Activision never released the game. British game company Salu ended up releasing the game in Europe under their name in 1992, despite the fact that Atari had already ended support for the system.

Nintendo US Version

The U.S. Nintendo edition of the Ghostbusters II license (developed solely by Activision) is different than all other versions of the game.

The game is a single-player "side-scroller" where you control one of the four Ghostbusters through various stages based on the film, making your way to the museum before time runs out. Along with the normal "run & gun" fare of the title, levels include riding around in the Ecto-1A, avoiding gaping potholes and ghosts, and a level devoted to controlling the Statue of Liberty, shooting fireballs at oncoming spooks.

You are armed with an unlimited supply of slime that can be shot out your Slime Blower, and ghost traps. The game is noted for being exceptionally hard to complete. Aside from the time limit and "sudden death" rule for your character, the levels in the game often move to the left, thus forcing you to make quick decisions. The final level is especially difficult, not the least of which because the you have to repeat the level four times, once for each Ghostbuster, before the game's final ending will appear.