Fiction:"The Return of Gozer" by Egon64

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One night inside the Ghostbusters' Containment Unit, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man felt a large, painful feeling inside of himself. His eyes glowed yellow and he grew fangs. "Free at last", he bellowed in a familiar sinister voice. "Little did they suspect that I, Gozer, had a part of my personality lie dormant inside the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man". Gozer then enlisted the aid of Samhain, the Grundel, and the Boogieman to help him come up with a way to escape the Containment Unit.

Meanwhile, the Ghostbusters, with their new fifth recruit Soul Man, were trying to bust a Class 5 at the Museum of Natural History. The ghost tried to hide, but Slimer sneaked up behind it and scared it out of its hiding place. Winston fired the first shot. Egon, Ray, and Peter then blasted proton streams at the entity as well. Soul Man kicked out the trap. "Wait! Can't we talk this over", pleaded the Class 5. "Sorry, but nobody messes with the Ghostbusters", said Ray Stantz as Soul Man opened the trap and captured the entity. The Ghostbusters then returned to the Firehouse and put the Class 5 into the Containment Unit. "Ghostbusting is just too easy these days", muttered Soul Man after the light on the containment grid flashed green to confirm the Class 5 was contained. "The strongest specters we ever encounter are Class 5s. What happened to the days where every now and then a Class 7 would attack?" Slimer agreed with Soul Man. Egon answered "As I said to Ray before we were attacked by the Ghostmaster's minions, Not every day can be a Class 8. Besides, it's not like we'd really need Gozer to return." "And there's still another call", snapped Janine.

After the Ghostbusters left the scene, Janine decided to pick up Louis Tully from the hospital, who had now fully recovered from breaking his leg the last time he tried to help the Ghostbusters. A swarm of ghosts then approached the Containment Unit and freed Stay Puft, Samhain, the Grundel, and the Boogieman. "Come, my cohorts," barked Gozer. "After Shandor betrayed me, there's still one mandala node remaining. He wasn't able to use it when the Ghostbusters defeated him, but if he was able to use it, he would've been unstoppable. It may be just what I need to ditch this useless form and gain a better Destructor Form".

The Ghostbusters returned after learning that the call was a false alarm. Egon quickly ran downstairs, shut off the alarm, and checked the computer to see which ghosts got out. Then the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man appeared. "Bad news, Ghostbusters! Gozer's back in a more powerful form!" The Ghostbusters then got into Ecto-1 with three traps, knowing that Gozer may have gotten assistance from Samhain, the Boogieman, and the Grundel. When they arrived at the mandala node, Gozer had used the strength of the three Class 7s to gain the form of a towering armored demon. "Nobody stops the mighty Gozer", hollered Samhain as he was recaptured. Not long after, the Ghostbusters recaptured the Boogieman and the Grundel. All five Ghostbusters fired at Gozer and set their packs to full power. This caused Gozer's armor to crumble off and make him assume the form of a hideous Lovecraftian blob of eyes and tentacles. "Cross the streams", shouted Egon. Sure enough, the Ghostbusters crossed the streams and destroyed Gozer. Before Gozer disintegrated, he said "It's not over yet, Gozer. As long as people worship me, I will return!" Stay Puft then leaped into a trap and the Ghostbusters returned to restore the escaped ghosts to the Containment Unit.

Slimer celebrated by ordering eight pizzas and sharing it with his friends.


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