Fiction:"The Real Ghostbusters A Ghost in the Machine Part 2" by Deaditebuster

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The streets of New York City, formerly rife with life, were barren beneath the bloody sky. The moon cast disfigured shadows to every surface in the city. There was no movement at all. Distant shrieks of terrified citizens echoed to every nook and cranny. In the shroud of darkness, ghouls and monsters of all shapes and sizes lurked, drinking in the fright of the helpless city-dwellers. From a far-off alleyway, a faint blaring resounded. It grew louder, sending ripples of movement through the darkness. Then, in an instant, Ecto---end square of the backsides of brick buildings. Rickety fire escapes clung to the side of the crumbling tenements. Ecto-----1 suddenly blasted to life, lighting up the sky with a solid green stream. Ghosts withered under its power. Endless waves of ghouls deluged over the rooftops, no end in sight. The Busters chances declined with each second.

Egon kept firing like crazy, but looked at his teammates. Ray was losing ground fast. Peter was about to be swept away in the flood of specters. Winston had retreated to Ecto----1. Using this momentum, he finally swung onto the roof. Another tremble sent him teetering near the edge, only to lean back to safety. Egon rolled across the hood, touching the street with his boots for a moment, then leaping back to his makeshift seat. All of them knew what the quakes were coming from. All of them stared straight ahead.

Towering like a skyscraper, the Sta-----to--


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