Fiction:"The Night of the Pumpkin King Ghostbusters/NBC crossover" by WAGB23

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wrote this a long time ago and put it on a nightmare before christmas site, so enjoy...

One night in halloween town, Jack Skellington was working on things for next halloween, he looked up to see something strange in the window, but he just shrugged it off, because in halloween town everything was strange! "I need to speak to the Mayor, about next halloween's festivies." Jack said to himself as he reached for a book and left his home.

Meanwhile Jack's nemesis Oogie Boogie was plotting his revenge on Jack for what he did. "That Jack is going to pay for what he did to me, when i am through with him i'll...." Oogie stopped as a shadow appeared in the room..."WHO DARES ENTER OOGIE BOOGIES LAIR???" he yelled. "I know how to get rid of Jack if you can help me..." the mysterious voice said. "How can I help you?" Oogie asked as he went to sit down in his chair. "I need you to take care of something for me, they need to be dealt with and your the only one i can think of that can do the job." "Who are "They"?" Oogie asked.

"Zap it Ray it's after you!" Dr. Egon Spengler yelled as a class 6 was flying towards Dr. Ray Stantz. Ray turns around to spot the specter and shoots a protonic beam at it, the beam missed and hit the wall. "Venkman, watch out, its coming for you!" Ray yelled. Peter Venkman turned around to see the ghost advancing towards him,"Not this time, i am not getting slimed!" Peter yelled as he fired a beam. The beam hit the specter and captured it in a lasso. "Winston, we need a trap out fast!." Peter yelled. Winston Zeddemore throws out the box called a Ghost Trap and contains the spirit. "Now, that was fun wasn't it guys?" Ray asked as the three other Ghostbusters looked around to see the damage they did. "Ray, I think that was as much fun as the time you thought of the Marshmellow man!" Venkman exclamied. "Let's get this little bugger back to the containment unit pronto." Egon said as he, Ray, Winston and Venkman left the building.

Back at the Ghostbusters Firehouse the four ghostbusters climbed out the 1959 Caddlliac Ambulance that Ray bought when he, Egon and Venkman first started "Ghostbusters". "I just hope there are no more calls tonight." Winston said as he took out all of the smoking ghost traps from the back of the Ectomobile. "I do to, it gives me time to test out my new device i call the Ecto-retractor." Egon said as he walked up the stairs to his lab. "Yeah, according to Spengler, the Ecto-retractor can retract any ectoplasmice substance." Ray said as he followed Egon. "Yeah well, I got a date with a beautiful lady, speaking of which should be here by now..." Venkman said as he changed out of his jumpsuit into a suit and tie. "Oh Dr. Venkman, your date called and cancelled again." said the Ghostbusters' secatary Janine Melentz. "Thanks Janine, i'll be going up..." before Venkman could finish the phone rings. "Hello Ghostbusters?"

Few minutes later the ghostbusters were in the ectomobile driving in some woods located up north of the city. "Egon, can you tell me one more time where we're going?" Venkman asked. "We're going to check out some paranormal disturbance in the northern part of these woods, which where we're at now, Ray pull over." Egon said as Ray pulled the car over. The ghostbusters climbed out of the car and suited up with their proton packs and ghost traps. Egon pulls out the PKE meter, which reads psychokentic energy around the area. "I say we go this way." Egon said pointing west of where they were parked. Hours past and the four ghostbusters were getting tired. "How much longer Egon, i'm getting tired." Venkman said as he stopped. "We're here..." Egon said puzzled.

"Only in a movie would i see something like this." Ray said as the four ghostbusters stare at 6 trees with symbols on them. Each tree had a different symbol, one had a tree,one had a turkey, one had a heart, one had a four leafed clover, one had a jack-o-lantern and one had a egg. The ghostbusters stared wondering which tree to go through. "Hey, lets try the jack-o-lattern it looks like the disturbance is coming through there." Ray said as he opened the door. Soon all four ghostbusters got sucked through the door and it shut behind them.

While the ghostbusters were doing this, Jack Skellington and the Mayor and some of the citizens of Halloween Town were planning next year's halloween. "I figure we do something totally different, something more scarier." Jack said. "I endorse anything you want to do Jack." the Mayor said. "I wonder what would be the thing this year." Jack thought as he paced back and forth. All of a sudden Jack heard a big thump outside. "I wonder what's going on outside." Jack said as he and the others ran outside.

Jack looked in amazement at the ghostbusters. "Who are they?" Jack asked himself and started to walk up to them. "Hello, and welcome to Halloween Town I am Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King, and you are?" Jack asked. "I'm Egon Spengler, this is Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore, the GHOSTBUSTERS." "G-g-g-g-ghostbusters?!" the Mayor said as he turned his head to show his "other side". "Is that a problem?" Venkman asked as he looked around to see spooks, specters and all other paranormal creatures walk around. "No, but why are you here? We didn't call no "ghost" busters?" asked Jack as he examines Winston's Proton Pack in enjoyment. "Well sir, we've got a call from somewhere stating that a class 7 repeating enitiy is currenty in this vancity and need to be remove..." Ray answered as he pulls out the call sheet that Janine gave him. "Well, I didn't call you guys, unless..." Jack said as Oogie's three henchmen Lock, Shock and Barrel (Lock wearing a devil costume, shock is wearing a witch costume and Barell is wearing a skelenton costume) came up and saw the Ghostbusters. "OH! You are here, good Oogie Boogie has been waiting for the four of you." the three said. "Oogie Boogie?" Winston asked.

Lock, Shock and Barrell take the Ghostbusters to Oogie's hideout. "Where are we Egon?" Ray asked quietly. "Well, according to the meter, this place is crawling with pke energy, just about as highs as Gozer or Vigo's." Egon answered. "Real assuring Spengs." Venkman said. "So I wonder who this Oogie Boogie is?" Winston said as the 7 arrived at the door. "Through there." the three kids said as the Ghostbusters walk through a door. then just as soon as they walk in the door, music hits the air. "What is this? CATS? no wait a minute...its Rent isn't it." Venkman said as Oogie Boogie appeared and started singing. [ Oogie Boogie ] Well, well, well! What have we here? Ghostbusters, huh? Ooh! I'm really scared! So you're the ones Everybody's talkin' about! Ha, ha, ha!

You're jokin'! You're jokin'! I can't believe my eyes! You're jokin' me! You gotta be! Theses can't be the right guys!

He's ancient! (points at Egon) He's ugly! (points at Venkman, Venkman goins) I don't know which is worse! I might just split a seam now If I don't die laughin' first!

Mister Oogie Boogie says There's trouble close at hand! You'd better pay attention now 'Cause I'm the Boogie Man!

And if you aren't shakin' There's something very wrong! 'Cause this may be the last time You hear the Boogie song!

Whoa oh!

[ Three Skeletons ] Whoa oh!

[ Oogie Boogie ] Whoa oh!

[ Two Skeletons ] Whoa!

[ Oogie Boogie ] Whoa oh!

[ Three Bats ] Whoa oh!

[ Together ] I'm (he's) the Oogie Boogie Man!

[ Oogie Boogie ] Well, if I'm feelin' antsy, and I've nothin' much to do I might just cook a special batch Of snake and spider stew!

And don't ya know the one thing That would make it work so nice? A roly-poly Ghostbuster To add a little spice!

[ Three Skeletons ] Whoa oh!

[ Oogie Boogie ] Whoa oh!

[ Three Bats ] Whoa oh!

[ Oogie Boogie ] Ohh oh oh!

[ Three Skeletons ] Whoa oh!

[ Oogie Boogie ] Yeah!

[ Together ] I'm (he's) the Oogie Boogie Man!

[ Spengler ] Release me now or you must face The dire consequences! The world needs us So please, come to your senses!

[ Oogie Boogie ] Ha! You're jokin'! You're jokin'! I can't believe my ears! Would someone shut this fella up? I'm drownin' in my tears!

It's funny! I'm laughin'! You really are too much! And now, with your permission I'm going to do my stuff!

[ Winston ] What are you going to do?

[ Oogie Boogie ] I'm gonna do the best I can!

Ha! Yeah! Whoooah!

The sound of rolling dice To me is music in the air! 'Cause I'm a gamblin' Boogie Man Although I don't play fair!

It's much more fun, I must confess With lives on the line! Not mine, of course, but yours, old boy! Now that'd be just fine!

[ Ray ] Release us fast or you will have to Answer for this heinous act!

[ Oogie Boogie ] Oh, brother, you're somethin'! You put me in a spin! You aren't comprehending The position that you're in!

It's hopeless! You're finished! You haven't got a prayer! 'Cause I'm Mister Oogie Boogie And you ain't goin' nowhere!

"No, but you are." Venkman said as the four ghostbusters draw their proton throwers and blast at Oogie Boogie. Three beams capture Oogie as he screams in pain. "NO YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO..ME!" he screams. "Ray, you know what to do..." Venkman said before Egon signal him to stop. "First, who REALLY sent us here before we trap you." Egon asked Oogie. "SAM HAINE, THE KING OF HALLOWEEN!" Oogie yelped "Ok, Ray now!" Egon said as Ray throws out the trap and captures Oogie. "Sam Haine is after us again huh, so what now braniac?" Venkman asked Egon. 'Well I did pack the Ecto-retractor...we could use is to bring Sam Haine to us." Egon answered "I thought it only retracts ghosts?" Winston asked as he picked up the smoking trap that contained Oogie. "I can make modifcations to it to bring him to us." Egon said, "But first to Mr. Skellington."

"Jack, are you here?" Egon asked as the ghostbusters enter Jack's house. "Yes, what happened?" Jack asked Egon. "Well, for starters we trapped that boogieman and found out that a old friend of ours was in with Oogie and now he's here and wants us for dead." Venkman answered. "Oh, you mean Sam Haine, yeah he complains all the time that a group of men keep beating him for world domination or something like that, I didn't figure it was you nice guys..I'll Help." Jack said. "How are you going to help us? We're trained professonials in this area of expertice."Winston said. "Let me use one of those Proton things and i can get him for you." Jack said. "I got a better idea." Egon said... "You know the plan?" Egon said to Jack. "Yeah, you guys zap Sam, while i trap him in the trap thing." Jack said. "Ok, Egon use the Ecto-Grabber as you call it now, so he can show up." Winston said. Egon turns on the "Ecto-Grabber" and the ghostbusters go hide. Few minutes later Sam Haine shows up and sees the device and Jack. "HELLO JACK, WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE TO CALL ME WITH THIS THING...?" he asked as the ghostbusters jump out of hiding. "I brought some friends to stop you for wrecking our town, their world and this holiday." Jack said "Ok, boys full extersion mode, wide angle, fire now!" Ray said as the ghostbusters blasts Sam Haine with the Proton streams. The beams get Sam then all of a sudden the beams bounce off him. "What the?" Venkman said. "It's this world, its giving him strength to be able to withstand our proton beams, the only way to stop him is...." Egon said as he points to Jack. "..Him!" "Whoa, how can he do it.?" Ray asked. "He's the Pumpkin King, he can defeat Sam Haine. Jack, it's up to you, battle Sam enough to weaken him so we can trap him!" Egon said. "OK!" Jack yelled as he jumped on Sam Haine's back and started to fight with him. Sally, Jack's girlfriend, shows up to see whats going on. "what's going.." Sally was about to ask when Winston grabbed her and pulled her to the side and brought her up to speed on whats going on. "Oh DEAR!" Sally said. "Yeah it a shame too, such a nice guy and all, wonder if he's got life insurance." Venkman said. "JACK, YOU ARE FOOLISH TO BATTLE ME! I AM THE KING OF HALLOWEEN....I...WILL...DEFEAT...YOU..." Sam yelled as Jack punched him. "Not anymore your not, Ghostbusters now!" Jack yelled. The four ghostbusters shoot four proton streams at Sam and was able to contain him in the beams. "Jack the trap throw it out so we can trap him!" Venkman yelled. Jack threw out the trap and just as soon as it started it was over. Jack Skellington became the new King of Halloween. "Well, that was fun, now i have a BETTER idea for this year's halloween, thanks Ghostbusters." Jack said as he showed the ghostbusters the way out. "Well whenever something else know who to call." Ray said as the ghostbusters vanished. "What a bunch of nice guys, too bad they are in the ghostbusting service..." Sally said. Halloween Night few months later, the Ghostbusters just got home from another call as usual. "Well, I wonder how Jack is doing?" Venkman wonder. not to long they hear a scream like nothing they heard before. "Boys, gear up! We've got company." Egon said as the four ghostbusters walk out of the Firehouse and see a note on the ground. "What's this?" Winston said as he opened the letter:

Dear Ghostbusters, thanks for everything jack the king

The End


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