Fiction:"Slendy's Watching Me " by Yoreel Sniknej

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The days that followed the Shandor Event were very slow without Sam. No calls came in, so we thought today was a bust. We were about to throw in the towel for today, until we received a call. It was from the Schlagle Library of Wildlife. Haley picked up the phone as usual and said "Ghostbusters, what is it?" "..." "Hello, anyone there?" "..." "Oh god, something bad's happened to them, I know it!" "Right on it!" I yelled back. We drove off to the Library as fast as we could. When we got there, we were welcomed by a frightening figure. It was wearing a dark suit, was very tall, and had no face. As soon as I saw it, it ran into the woods. "That thing will have to wait later, let's just go inside right now" said Felicia. We went inside, and a note instantly caught my eye. It read as such: "To whomever this may concern, this is a very urgent warning: Run away fast! The Slender Man has been spotted in the area. This is very bad, so we called the Ghostbusters to investigate the area. Ghostbusters, if it is you who is reading this, be very careful. The Slender Man is not what he appears, although you would be frightened by his current appearance. This is an exact description of the beast: Suit and tie, no face, very tall. Don't get too close, because you will disappear forever! Don't look back, because he'd probably be there, waiting for you turn yourself towards him. You can't hide, because he can follow you anywhere. There's more information scattered around the forest, probably eight pages of notes to explain it further. Good luck! -F.L. Roderickson, Cryptid Expert". "Well... Let's look for those pages!" Felicia said, an adventurous tone in her voice. "Yeah, then we'll kick Slendy's ass to the curb!" I yelled. We looked around for someone, anyone, and found no one to help us. With one man down, we would have to do this on our own. We looked around for one of the notes, and eventually found one. We then went outside, and that's when stuff got serious. The Slender Man appeared out of nowhere and tried to take Felicia, only to meet with the business end of my proton pack. He quickly dropped her and ran off. We pressed on and found another note. Then another, then another, and then another! Before we knew it, we found all eight pages. We went back into the building to take a look-see at them. Slendy was waiting for us, and the look on his blank face told me he was pissed! I tried shooting him again, only to find it not to work. He quickly grabbed Felicia and hung her over the balcony, kicking and screaming. "Let her go!" I demanded. I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my head. It was actually communicating with me! It said "First, the pages!" I gave them to him, feeling completely helpless, when all of a sudden, I heard a siren wailing. I turned to see an ambulance rushing towards the entrance. The ambulance suddenly stopped, and Sam climbed out of it! He was ready for action, a fierce look in his eyes, as he grabbed the gun off his pack. "Smile, you faceless sonofabitch!" he yelled as he fired his pack. Something looked different with his beam. It seemed thicker and more bright. It was a direct hit on Slender man's head, as he dropped Felicia in pain. She fell, but I grabbed her fast. "Now guys, let's toast this ugly bastard!" Sam yelled loudly. We both shot it, and we kept shooting until it had enough. I then threw the trap, and he went in, no resistance. Something changed in Sam that day, and I'm sure he left an impression on this team's reputation. Never mess with us, because we're a tight unit, a family if you will. After he went into the trap, people started appearing everywhere, about 50 of them. One of them was really happy to see us. It was F.L. Roderickson, the guy who left the note. He thanked us and paid us a huge sum, enough to keep the firehouse for two more years!


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