Fiction:"Renegade" by LordVego

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-His----year--drank tea into the garbage. It was still too hot, anyway.

She walked fast, and very uptight---uhh---like girlfriend that only goes for the outcast or nerdy guy, like every movie Cameron Diaz has ever been in. There was no time for that. I had a message burned into my skin by a demon, and I needed to figure out why. Why me?

I got back to my dorm. My prick of a roommate was sitting at his computer playing a game. In the off chance he left the room, he was still in the suite, annoying someone else. Why did he smell so bad? I opened the book I had, and ripped to the contents page, and the index. I searched for a few key words that I had hoped would yield results. Demon would be too vague, and sixty-----by-


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