Fiction:"Our First Bust" by Yoreel Sniknej

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It was just a regular night at HQ, preparing for what seemed to be the impossible. My pal Sam was just finishing his proton pack build, and my girlfriend Felicia was playing on the Pac-Man machine. When all of a sudden, I heard the phone ringing. All three of us were stunned with excitement and I couldn't contain myself. I picked up the phone and, as calmly as I could, said "Kansas City Ghostbusters, what's the emergency?". The person at the phone seemed so terrified. "H-hello? Oh thank God, I've reached them". "Ma'am, who or what seems to be the problem?" I said. "It... It's my uncle, Jack. He's... He's just floating there, staring at me". "Okay" I said, "Just give me your location, I'll gather up the others, and we'll be there as fast as we can." She gave me her location, I wrote it down, and I set off the fire alarm. "WE'VE GOT ONE!!", I shouted at the top of my lungs, and before I knew what I was doing, my flight suit was on, I was in the Ecto-K, and Felicia was staring out the window, pointing the PKE meter around, trying to pinpoint another ghost. "Don't get excited, Felicia" I said. "This will probably be the first call for months, until some other person would call, probably as a prank or something". At that moment, the meter was beeping rather fast. "You were saying?" Felicia said. I hated to say it, but I managed to spit it out "Okay, maybe we'll be having overtime". After an hour of driving, we arrived at the address. All of us hopped out, grabbed our packs, and we burst in through the door. "Oh, thank God you came" she said, her voice still quivering with fear. "Don't worry ma'am, the Ghostbusters have arrived." I said, putting on an authoritative tone. "Just leave this place, and we'll tell you when we've eliminated the threat." Felicia said, putting her hand on her shoulder. After she left, we all took out our meters and we scanned the area. After what seemed to be hours, my meter went off. "I've got something." I said. We all looked at the thing that set off the psychokinetic reading. It was what seemed to be a mask. "Do you think it's an artifact?" I said, remembering how I played Ghostbusters: the Videogame. "Well, I think you might need to take that." said Sam. I took it and put it in the Ecto-K. We got back to scanning the room, to no avail. I tried the bedroom, nothing. Felicia tried the kitchen, nothing. Sam tried the kids room, nothing but two frightened children. He brought them back into the living room. He talked to them and then told us that the kids have seen Uncle Jack in the basement. We went to the basement, ready for anything. I opened the door, and I yelled a battle cry. That's what sent him at me. I didn't see him coming, but when he did, it stung like the Dickens. I let out a cry of pain and Felicia rushed to my side, first aid kit in hand. "I'm okay Felicia, there's no cuts". "Oh, that's good, but it never hurts to be safe than sorry". Jack turned around and prepared to charge once again. "Alright" I said, "This guy's toast!" Sam threw out the trap, and the chaos had begun. We all shot our streams, Jack put up a fight, but in the end we proved to be victorious. Sam grabbed his Meter and quickly did a final scan of the area. "Not good, you guys" Sam said, a grave tone in his voice. "What does that mean?" I asked, gripped with excitement. "Something big..." Sam said, with more concern than ever. "Well, if it's coming, they have us to deal with" Felicia said, more excitedly than ever. "Yeah, we'll be prepared for when it's time". And thus began the Saga of the Kansas City Ghostbusters.


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