Fiction:"Ghostbusters Oxfordshire - The Cult (1)" by busterolly

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Ghostbusters: Oxfordshire File 001: The Cult (part 1)

(Some where in Didcot's old, unused power plant) "We have what we need to bring about the new coming of Khagor, this time no one will stop us, our master will rule once again and the world will worship him".

"ARGH!" yelled Jay, he was looking into his wardrobe, at the pile of clothes that where covered in some sort of slime, "Why does this happen to me!".

Olly, Jays room mate, got up form his computer and workbench and approached the wardrobe."It looks like Ectoplasmic slime to m-",

"Dont start with that ghost crap again", Jay stopped him, "Ectoplasmic this, Ectoplasmic that, what is it with you and this damb ghost stuff".

"Not my fault you have a ghost that hates you". Olly said, sitting back at his computer and looking at the plans on the screen, it showed some sort of hand held device, a scanner of some sort.

"What is that thing you've been working on?" Jay said sounding appologetic.

"Its called a PKE meter, its basically a ghost detector", Olly picked up the device he had been working on, he was nearly done, all he needed was to do the finishing touches.

"im going out, gunna go down stairs and get this stuff cleaned - again" Jay packed the clothes into a slime covered bag and left.

"Gives me time to work on this thing". Olly said to himself.

A Few hours later, after Jay had finally got the slime out, the pair of them where now asleep, a small purple floating shape appeared through the floor, it had arms and a face, but it had nothing else and was dripping slime, It quickly flew into the wardrobe, going straight through the door. "ARGH! The bastard did it again!" Jay shouted, waiking Olly.

Olly rolled over, "Its quite intresting really, the ghost seems to repeat it every night, as if it enjoys it, i'll have to note it down".

"You wanna note that!" Jay yelled, "Note this!" Jay cupped some slime in his hand and hurled it at Olly.

"Hey- Actually, i can take this as a sample, thanks". Olly grinned and picked up a small Jar from the desk next to the bed, cuped up some slime and then placed it back on the desk. "That PKE of mine will be finished in a few hours, mabye less".

"Thats great, good for you, im gunna go get this washed, yet again". Jay walked out and took the clothes with him again.

Olly had spent the last hour and thirty minutes finishing off his PKE meter, he activated it and it hummed as it powered up, He instanly stood, moving arround the room and using the device to detect the spirit that had been sliming Jay's stuff. He was picking up faint readings, "probably something left behind by the ghost", Olly said to himself. Olly put the device down, "atleast it works", he said to himself before going to find Jay.

"Hey, Jay?" Olly said, looking at Jay who was stood with a group of people in the basment of the appartments, they all had to share a laundry room.

Jay looked up, "Hey man, Olly these guys and girls have been having the same problem, apperently its been getting alot of people".

"Excellent, im going to have some cameras set up arround the building, a few EMF's and some other equipment, it should prove whats going on here, oh i finished my PKE, i'll stay up and test it tonight".

"Thats... great, you dont think im staying up with you do you?". Jay turned and began to explain everything to the other people, they gave Olly funny looks then turned back to Jay, Olly walked out of the room, laughing to himself at the thought of every one but himelf being slimed.

That evening Olly sat awake infront of his computer watching as it showed four different camera shots, one of the hallway, one in the stairwell, one in the laundry room and one behind Olly. Jay was fast asleep in the bed on the left of the room. Olly's PKE meter began to make a noise, he had used the design from the new Ghostbusters of New York, the ones who replaced the original Ghostbusters, its screen showed green bars growing as the ghost apperently got clowser, the bars started to grow more and more but Olly could see nothing on his cameras, Suddenly from the room below them came a scream, a scream loud enough to wake Jay, "Wh-what?" Jay said, he then fell back down and went back to sleep. Olly spund round when he heard something like a splash, he almost dropped his new PKE when he saw the purple ghost floating before him, it was like slimer, but purple and smaller. The ghost made a strange sound, like a scream, then charged into Jay's wardrobe, Olly quickly opened the wardrobe but it had already gone, leaving a large sheet of slime over Jays clothes.

"What the hell!" Jay said, reading the note Olly had stuck on his wardrobe, the note said, 'It got your stuff again, this time i saw it and got it on video, good night'.

Olly rolled over form Jay's shouting, "whats the problem?"

"well look asshole!" Jay pointed to his open wardrobe that was now dripping slime.

"No need for the swears"

"Well look at my clothes, its a daily thing now, its you isnt it? you plant this crap here and arround the building to back your ghost crap!". Jay was getting angry now, Olly could see him starting to clench his fists.

"Why would i do that, come look at this, i also have a few shots from my other cameras showing it going through the corridor". Olly switched on the computer.

Jay had seen the videos and was pretty shocked about it, "well... i kinda always beleived it any way, i didnt wanna seem like a geek by saying i beleived it".

"Whats geeky about it, look at all the Ghostbusters arround the world, New York, Denver, Long island, sydney, The UK also has one or two branches".

"Yeh and all of them have it ripped out of 'em". Jay looked put off.

"Right well, last night i emailed Egon Spengler, he's one of the original group, hopefully he had a chance to read it and get back to me, when i sent it it would be the late night time i nthe US". Olly clicked onto the E-mail program on his computer, it showed a few e-mails, four adverts and two email, one was labled RE: Asking for help, the other was Asked to help you out. Olly opened the replied e-mail, it read.

Hello Oliver

In answer to your questions on the ghostbusting business and the ghost that haunts your home, i would say you have a class 5 free roaming apperition. When it comes to your questions about Ghosbusting, i am very glad you managed to make your own PKE meter, but Ghostbusting is not easy, but as i am very impressed with your capability to create a PKE meter so quickly on your own i have asked a friend for help. Dr Chris Hartois, Co-Founder of Long island Ghostbusters, he has some proton pack designs that will take alot less time to create and on an easier budget. Please feel free to e-mail me again.

Many thanks

Egon Spengler

"Excellent", Olly said opening the next message.

Dear Oliver

I am Dr. Chris Hartois of the Ghostbusters team in Long Island, my friend Egon Spengler asked me to send you designs for our Proton pistol, it is a much smaller version of the pack designed to aid in entrapment, i hope this helps, please feel free to ask me questions any time.

Many thanks

Dr. Chris Hartois Co-Founder Long Island Ghostbusters

Olly was fasinated, he quickly opened the attatched file and looked through the design for the version 3 Proton pack(proton pistol). "Jay i need you to do me a favour" he said while printing of something.

"What now?" Jay said.

"Could you get me these items?"

"sure, why not". Jay took the list, "what am i using to pay for this.

"Well, that university bank account my parents had me saving up in, im spending it, i dont know about you but i would rather spend my money on something so scientifically great like this than study at university".

"They'll blame me" Jay protested.

"Oh well, they have no choice, my mind is made up, here is my card". Olly reached for his wallet on his desk and handed it to Jay along with a peice of paper, "Heres the code too, now go get what we need".

Jay was gone within seconds and Olly began to reply to the two Ghostbusters and do some special ordering on the internet from parts he could not buy from normal shops.

Olly had spent the last week working on the new proton pack, Jays clothes where still being slimed on a daily basis but there was nothing they could do for now, Jay came into the room.

"Hey, this just came for you", Jay placed a metal box about the size of a shoe box onto the table, it had a large yellow and black label stating, Danger Radioactive, "You sure you can do this Olly?"

"As sure as im going to be, but im ready to put it in, well ive been ready for the last couple of days, but if you dont want to be arround it i suggest you leave the room, im going to put it in now". Olly began to open the box.

"Im going for chinese, see ya later". Jay ran from the room.

Olly laughed and began to get back to work with the equipment, it took another day to finish but Olly eventually got it done, now he needed one more thing, a trap. He had got the designs from Ed sometime during the last week but had not got round to starting it, he figured the Trap would take another week to complete.

Five days later Olly finally had a potentially working Proton pack and Ghost Trap. "Finally, i've done it!" he yelled before falling from the chair to the bed and falling asleep.

"ARGH!" Olly was woken up by the sudden sounds of Jay shouting.

"wh-wh-what?" Olly said sitting up, Olly could see Jay stood in the middle of the room, on the floor next to him was a beer can with beer flowing onto the floor and the purple slimey ghost was floating infront of him, once it noticed Olly it quickly jumped into the wardrobe.

"You made that stuff! now go use it!" Jay said, finally snapping from the daily sliming of his clothing.

"but, i havent tested it" Olly said picking up his PKE meter, once on it quickly made beeping sounds and was bright enoughto light the room slightly,"its no-"

"I dont care, now is a better time to test it!" Jay grabbed the equipment and threw onto Olly's lap.

Olly stood in his PJ's and placed the versions 3 proton pack on arround his waist, it was like a small yellow box wired to a gun clipped to a belt, he hten picked up the trap and placed it in the middle pf the room, "Now we have to be careful, i was lead to beleive this pack wont have much force on me but i could be wrong it could be hard to control". He pressed a switch and a humming sound was heard. Olly looked at the PKE, he hten went to the wardrobe, "you can not understand what it is lie to wear this, its like it was meant to be".

"Just open the door and get this thing". Jay swung the doors open and the Purple ghost charged at them, Olly fired at it, missing and making a huge burned hole in the wardrobe and wall behind. It slimed the pair of them as it went past and flew into Olly's wardrobe.

"Great now its my turn", Olly said with a smile, "Jay you open the wardrobe then move away, ill get this thing". Jay quickly grabbed the handle and pulled the wardrobe open and jumped out of the way at the same time, Olly quickly fired at the purple ghost before it could get away, the greenish beam wrapped arround it and Olly shouted over the noise, "Jay get the trap, it has a foot switch, when i say stomp on it and dont take your foot off!".

"Got it!" Jay yelled back placing his foot on the pedal.

Olly wresteled the ghost into the middle of the room, "Now stomp it!" Jay quickly put his foot down, he didnt lif it back up, the trap opened up and glowed slightly form the inside, "now when i say take your foot off and look away, if you look into it you could do yourself damage".

Jay nodded, he was shocked Olly would let him do this. Olly wrestled the ghost some more pulling it into the range of the lighted trap, "Now!", the both of them spun round as Jay took his foot off of the pedal, the room was lit up brightly and the ghost was sucked into the trap, the trap the closed, beeped and then began to smoke.

"My god, we did it!" Olly said, "this is teriffic, but we have a problem, we dont have any where to store this thing".

"Why cant it stay in there?" Jay said whiping his forehead.

"its a temporary trap, if we leave it in there it could break out after a while, wel it would take a good 24 -48 hours depending on the spirit".

Suddenly a loud banging came form their front door,"Open up now!" it was the tenant. The Tenant did not wait, he pulled out his own keys and let himself in, he saw the hole in the wall that was left from the wardrobe incident, "Get out!, both of y--yes WE are becoming ghostbusers my friend and with the rest of that money in your savings we could buy a cheap place or even rent a nice place, with money from busting we could really make some cash!". Jay grinned at the thought of money, he loved it more than the richest man in the world.

"you have a good point, lets move".

(again at the unused powerplant) "Brother Kai, if the preists supposidly destroyed our great master many years ago how will he return?" A man in a brown hooded robe said to the man who was in a black robe with golden edges.

"our master was stopped and indeed destroyed, but with the power form us and all his minions we can return him to our realm and give him control of the world". He said with a nasty smile.

"I see brother, hail the master" The brown hooded man said before moving away.

To Olly's suprise it was 10:30 AM when they left, Jay took them straight to an estate agency.

"I saw this in the window the other day and thought who would by that crap, but now we are gunna buy it".

infront of them was a picture of a fair sized building, it was old and worn from the outside and it was up for sale as a place for some one wanting to buy a place to do up and sell off for a lot more than they bought it for.

It was what used to be an Ambulance station.

..................... (End - To be continued)


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