Fiction:"Ghostbusters: Oxfordshire - The Cult (3)" by busterolly

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Ghostbusters: Oxfordshire File 003: The Cult (part 3)

Olly was on the phone, on the other end of the phone was Katie Baron, 'Hot Katie' as Jay had called her.

When did you take this project up?....... its Official?...... are you crazy.........i would most definetly love to!..... met me there in five, Jay managed to pick up, stading close to Olly.

"Okay" Olly said into the phone, "be there in a minute, Bye bye" There was a CLUNK cound as the phone was put back on the receiver.

"What she say?" Jay asked, wide eyed with his last image of Katie, she was a beautiful girl, though she did not think so and she was intelligent, Olly was shocked when he made friends with a girl like her, he was very shocked when he found out she was into the paranormal.

"Meeting her outside the town hall in five minutes, wanna drive our new ride?". Olly nodded in what must of been the direction of the amublance.

"OF COURSE!" Jay cried out before running into his new ambulance and starting the engine, Olly quickly followed and they drove away.

Katie Baron was stood outside the Town hall in a pair of blue jeans and a red coat with a black beany, she checked her watch when from the corner an ambulance appeared, it had nore markings or anything it was just plain white, one of its lights where missing but when it was close enough she saw Olly and Jay sat inside it.

"Whats this thing?" She said to Olly as he climbed out, walking over to him and then hugging him.

"It is the Ecto-OX1" he said returning the hug.

"Ecto what?" Jay said in dismay.

"Standard name for GBI cars, i contacted Egon with our new progress and he told me he had officially signed us up to the franchise roster, we are now in business".

Katie's jaw dropped, "The Egon... as in Egon Spengler?!"

"Yeh" Olly grinned, "He's been helping me out, who did you think helped me make this stuff, Jay?" Olly grinned more/

"HEY!" Jay climbed from the ambulance, "How ya doing Katie?"

"Im good, better now i have a chance to work as a ghostbuster, this is kool, can i see how it works now?". She jumped into the Ambulance's passenger seat, Jay instantly climbed back in and roared up the engine.

"You can go in the back Olly". Jay smiled in victory of sitting next to Katie.

"Thanks" Olly said, pulling himself into the back of the ambulance, he sat on the bench style seating and closed the door, a few minutes later they would be back home.

(The old powerplant)

"As we sacrifice this young one or master will gain power, in his gainof power we come closer to his rule, all hail Khogar!". Kai was on top of a podium, finishing a speech and then the others began chanting,

"All hail Khogar, All hail Khogar", in the middle of the crowd lay the corpse of a boy, a youg man of about 14-17 years of age, he lie naked and cold, sliced accross the chest and stomach as his organs where removed with him screaming for mercy.

"Try this one"

"Well that looks way more what im lloking for", Katie took the proton pistol from olly and placed it arround her waist, She had spent the last hour trying out the mark one, but she thought it was to heavy and she was not very tall making the equipment harder to use, "why not just give me the smaller, girlier version any ways?" she looked at him raising an eye brow.

"I didnt think, to be honest with you" Olly snapped back in jest, they both smiled and she hit the power switch, the small pack made a humming sound.

"now im going to set this last catch as a real test", he took a trap from the side of the empty garage, it was holding their last bust out of the three they had done.

"Kool, then i zap 'n trap" Katie grinned, she could not help but smile, this was like a dream come true to her, to be a ghostbuster.

"Well ill send out the trap, you just get a hold of him, one sec, i'll get my pack just incase, from his locker Olly lifted up a mark one pack, he then placed it on his back and switched it on, "Ready?"

"Of course" She said.

Jay who had said nothing for the past hour was sat at the entrance to the garage watching Katie closely, he was almost drooling, it was kinda pervy.

"Im releasing it..... NOW!" Olly opened the trap and from it a yellow coloured spirit appeared, it was about the size of a normal person but its arms where like pincers and it floated on what could only be a tail.

Katie instantly began shooting it, the green proton beam missed and the ghost began to head for the wall, she quickly moved the pistol into range and caught it in the beam, but there was a problem, the Ghost seemed pissed at being re-captured and thought very well, the beam was struggling to hold. Olly opened fire and an orange beam joined the green, creating a brilliant glow arround the ghost. it could not fight out of this one, they dragged the beams back into the centre of the room and Olly placed his foot on the trap pedal, the small doors opened and the inside glowed a little, "Im going to close it in a second, be ready look away when i say...!" He closed the trap and the room lit up, they all looked away and the ghost was sucked into the trap, "well you did well, i guess all i can say is welcom aboard".

"I-Im, im a g-ghostbuster!" She said in shock, "IM A GHOSTBUSTER!" she repeated this time screaming, she ran at Olly and hugged him, then she ran to Jay and did the same. Jay blushed but returned the hug.

"Are you open to the paranormal? UFO's? Mythological creatures and religious monsters and demons?". Olly said to the young woman sat infront of him. She was an average size, of slender build, long dark locks of hair trailed down her back, she wore a tight pair of black jeans and a yellow strap top, "well you're paying me, so i guess you can tell me what to beleive". She said not quite understanding what was going on, she has responded to the add onl 30 minutes after Jay had put the sign up, but the onl thing she knew about it was, 'RECEPTIONIST NEEDED', "What is this place any ways?"

"Ghost busting franchise, Ghostbusters Oxfordshire" Jay said smiling, he knew she would either lugh, walk away or just ask them 'what the f**k'.

"Say what?" she raised an eyebrow thinking she had heard wrong.

"We are a new ghostbusting franchise, if you get the job you will get the standar basic training for using the equipment as... well you mabye needed to use it as some point, of course if that ever happens you would get bonus pay". Olly smiled.

"Call it a busting bonus" Jay said.

"This is a bit much isnt it, the sign only said receptionist needed, i thought you where just re--OX1 and the new number plate that gave it the name was in place. As he walked into the garage entrance he noticed a neon sign hanging aboth the door, it was the traditional 'No Ghost' logo used by the Ghostbusting franchises.

"Olly?" he called out, "Got your stuff, Olly?" He walked arround the building but could not hear or see anything, "Guys?" Suddenly there was a sound from the back, a load crackling and humming sound, Jay instantly made his way out there, he could see the large patch of grass arround the back of their building, it ha afewtrees arround it, they now had scorch marks, Olly and Katie where holding something in there Proton beams, he could not tell what, it was invisible but obviously they could see it, they where wearing Ecto-goggles, Janice was stood against a wall pinned there by what seemed to be many branches. Jay quickly reacted when he say they had no trap, he ran inside and grabbed one from the garage, he threw it on the floors and placed the pedal infront of himself, he stomped on it and it opened, the other two quickly reacted they moved the invisble entity over the trap and Olly called out.

"Cheers Jay, hes over the trap now, close it!" Olly had not moved his head from what ever he was lookng at.

"Closing it now!" Jay called out while spinning arround, taking hs foot from the pedal, the others all turned away and Janice closed her eyes tightly, once the ghost was trapped the branches holding her up fell and she went down with them. "What the hell happend?" Jay said, looking at them all, thy were all taking heavy breaths and the two busters helped up Janice.

"Poltorgeist....don't know where it came from, some woman ran in here screaming saying something was following her we could not see anything but there was something, the PKE's where getting it, so we put on the goggles, we grabbed it but i dropped the trap just before you got here".

"That dambed sign, she wouldnt of come here other wise", Janice said.

"That was actually quite fun" Katie said walking back inside.

"umm guys? where is the woman?" Jay lifted the trap and held it away from him.

"She was in the building she ran into the offices, she was hiding uner a desk". Janice said.

"im here" a small blonde woman looking arroud 25 years old appeared, she had mascara all down her face and her eyes where red, "i think it was my husband, he died a few weeks ago, it w-was my fault, i cheated, he got drunk and drove of a bride". She said slowly sitting her self on the ground and beginning to cry.

Olly tried to make her feel better, "This was definetly not your husband, from what i could tell this was a class II poltergeist, when it comes to family and family members it is known that they tend to forgive and forget once one.... the other side, if that was your husband some thing was controlling him".

"Here" said Katie putting out her hand, the woman took it, "lets get you back home and we can tak, ok, Jay you think you could drive for me?".

"s-sure" jay answered, not quite sure with what had just happend, he climbed into the ambulance and Katie and the women climbed into the back.

(The power plant)

The boys body had been removed, there was a stain of blood but that did not stop the members of Khogars cult from sitting arround chanting.

Grand Priest Kai, as he was now going by, entered and sat at the front of the crowd, he held some sort of staff, it was black on top of it was a stone, the stone had some sort of writing carved into it, "Now my brothers and sisters, i shall show you the power we are calling upon, the way we will save our master, you and you" he said to the two closest, "i request that you stand either side of me".

They did as they where told, a man and a younger woman stood and walked over to him, the man on his left, the woman on his right. He raised the staff, "our master Khogar! use our power, our sacrafice, our strength, bring youself into this world".

A strange noise sounded and the staff began to glow, suddenly it lit the room, the ghostly form of Khogar appeared arround Kai, he was using his body to come through, "I Khogar, your master am nearly ready to enter this world, two more sacrafices must be made, but to do so... i must send you my servants, to aid you in you task". Kai's hand lit up with a red glow, that glow passed on to the two on either side of him.

"ARGH!" the pair screemed, they got down on their knees and hands, suddenly they began to change, their clothes dissapeared, there skin trne gray and thick, they morphed into to beasts, they both sat like dogs. Two large gray dogs, with horns, red eyes, large claws and huge muscular bodies, where now sat growling either side of the ghostly figure. Terror Dogs... "They shall do my bidding, B'Kar and Gorgh, go forth and find me suitable sacrifices", with their masters orders the two beasts leaped away in seconds, "No my beasts are on their way i will leave you, i shall return in true form once he sacraficeses hace been made". "ALL HAIL KHOGAR!" The crowd said as the glow slowly left the room.

It is unknown at this time whether the Timothy Jackson has been murderd or kidnapped, No note or any clues have been left at the scene, only some strange slime, that can not be connected to any one or anything, a scientist earlier claimed the sime to be Ectoplasm, a slime related to ghosts and the supernatural, This is Jackie Holmes in Didcot The women on the TV screen said, Jay and Katie where sat staring at the TV, Katie was first to break the silence by running from the room and getting into her gear. Jay stood, "Olly, I think we have a problem".

The ambulance, that Olly had not yet had a chance to finish, was parked infront of the house from the news report, it now had the classic 'No Ghost' logo on most ghostbusters equipment, veichles etc.

The three of them stepped out and grabbed their packs, putting them on and then grabbing other equipment, PKE meters, traps and ecto-goggles, they hung all these things from their belts and then put on their gloves.

"First official case" Katie grinned, thn realised the situation and stopped smiling, a policeman approached them.

"What are you suppost to be? this is an official police investigation please leave", the man had is arm up as if to say stop.

Jay sepped over to him, "Hey there officer, you see that sign, all this equipment, well.... we're the Ghostbusters, Oxfordshire branch, here for all paranormal needs, this slime stuff, well its probably ectoplasmic and thats wat we are here to find out".

Olly switched on his PKE, "im already getting a strong reading, officer we need to get in their".

The police man was confused, he did not really get it, "g-go on in then, watch out theres slime everywhere".

"Not more..." Jay moaned.

They entered the room of the missing boy, slime was dripping from the walls and window, what ever had got him had come through there. "Im getting huge readings from this stuff". Olly said, "i better get a sample, you guys go get back to the Ecto, not much we can do untill we have some idea about the thing".

................ (End - to be continued)


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