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Chapter 8: The Sedgewick hotel

     5:45 P.M.
 In front of the hotel, many people were walking and chatting through the streets and some called for taxies. The hotel guests then heard sirens coming from around the corner, suddenly the Ecto-1B screeched around the corner and parked right in front of the hotel. The four then got out and walked into the other with the packs and traps.

"Uh-oh, here comes trouble"said Peter as the new manager came walking towards them. "There you gentlemen are. I called you twenty minutes ago and we want our money back"said the new manager. "You guys, should've taken the extended sevice agreement"said Peter. "Yeah and we're Ghostbusters we can handle your ghost problem in a few minutes...or an hour"said Ray. "Well be carefull, we have some important guests here and I don't want you to destroy this hoteal as you do with regular places"said the manager. "So where did the disturbances mostly occur ?"asked Egon. "Mostly on the 12th floor"said the manger. "OK don't worry sir, we'll handle this"said the rookie. "That's what I'm afraid of "said the manager as he let the four walk to the elevators. As the four walked to the elevator, the doors opened and came out a beautful young woman. she then looks at the four very oddly; Peter then see's her and tries to put the moves on her by saying:"Your, perfectly safe now miss". "Back off, loser; it's never going to happen"said the women as she walked away from the four. "She likes me"said Peter. "Then I guess so do every women who said that to you"said Ray as they got in the elevator. "You know, I just hat the fact that we can't turn on the packs in public...ever since that lawsuit"said Peter. "I know, but at least we can do that inside the building"said Ray. The rookie then raises an eyebrow as he reacts to his two bosses/partners chitchat . "I forgot to tell you guys something"said Egon. "It's the end of the world, Egon forgot something...for once"joked Peter. "Your traps are now upgraded"said Egon. "How ?"asked Peter. "Do you notice that there's no cord"said Egon. "Oh yeah"said Peter as he looked at the trap. "Now the traps have no cord and when you drop it, this yellow bright light will show and it'll ditect the ghost and open the trap itself"said Egon. "Well that's cool"said Brian. "So once you throw it, try and get it over the light or slam it and the trap will auotmatically open"instructed Ray. "You never seem to amaise me egghead"said Peter. "Well we're almost thre. Let's switch the packs"said Ray. The four then switched on the packs as they go to the 12th floor. "This time let's not scare any maid and destroy a service cart"said Peter. The four then got off the elevator and took out their P.K.E meters. The P.K.E meters then spit up into two different hallways. "OK let's split up. Venkman; you and I go this way. Ray you and the rookie go that way"said Egon. "Got ya Spengler"said Ray as he two groups split up to find the other ghosts and re-trap the infamous floating blob: Slimer.


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