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Chapter 6: Showing the rookie the ropes of being a Ghostbuster: The Containment Unit

      4:36 P.M.
    Inside Brian's mind, he was thinking of how exciting his new job was. Ray, Egon, and Pavel took the rookie downstairs to their very own paranormal storage facility: The Containment Unit. Brian's eyes the opened wide as the three had showed him a big sized, red colored, and metal machine.

"WOW, is this where you store all your ghosts ?"asked Briaan. "Correct"said Egon. "Yep, this is where we store all the nasty entities, vapors, and slimers(all the ghosts)"said Pavel. "So you add the trap in their and the ghosts are stuck in their ?"asked the rookie. "Yes and it's very simple. First you mus open, to unlock the system. Second, you insert the trap"instructed Ray as he placed the trap in the opening. "Third: you release the trap. Then you close, to lock the system"said Egon as Ray closed the opening. "Then you turn your entey grid, this button here. And last, but not least, you nutronize your field with this button and pull the handle down"finished Pavel. "The light is green, the trap is clean and the ghost(s) are stuck inside our very own Containment System"said Egon. "Here you try"said Ray as he handed the rookie a trap. Brian then opened the entrance to the containment facility and did everything step by step. "The light is green, the trap is clean. Wow this is a really cool job"said Brian as he got another trap. "Well thank you. I'm sure we all will be very good Ghostbusting friends"said Pavel as he helped with the traps. As the four had finished putting the ghosts in the containment unit, they then went back upstairs. Brian then left the firehouse to get his things ready for his new life in the firehouse as he was now the Experimental Equipments Technician, or the rookie, for the Ghostbusters.


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