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                                                          To the people who gave the world: 
                                                                   THE GHOSTBUSTERS

Chapter 1: The Museum of Natural History

       Sunday October 1,1991 10:05 P.M. 2 YEARS LATER...
    Five guards are watching over the valuable artifacts of the museum, especially the latest additions to the museum. The artifacts are ancient occult objects that over thousands of years old brought to the museum for the new Occult Exhibit. One of these exhibits is the GOZERIAN ART EXHIBIT. One of the ancient occult objects is a giant rock formation with ancient relics on it's sides. The stone is named, by the sumerians, the SUMERIAN STONE OF DESTRUCTION. Unfortunaly, people of the world of today don't know what that means. In one of the rooms, Dr. Allyssa Swelyn(a young women in her late 20s who is an archaelogist who is an expert in occult mythology, especially in Sumerian and pre-sumerian cultures) is working late at museum. Dr. Allyssa Swelyn is visiting NY as a guest curator for the highly anticipated new exhibit to the museum "The World of the Occult", with it's main room: The Gozerian Art Exhibit. As the young archealogist walks into the Gozerian Art Exhibit, she is holding two books in her hand. These two are part of the artifacts for the exhibit and 2/3s of the books found at an exhibition, unfortunaly the last third of the book is missing...for now. As she gets to the room, she begins to read some relics from one of the book, she then begins to get closer giant Sumerian Stone of Destruction(as llyssa was continue reading). Suddenly the young archealogist then see's the writing on the giant stone starting to light up and turn bright. The stone then begins to shake and glow, suddenly a force begins to pull the books away from Allyssa. Dr. Swelyn then runs towards the door, as she leaves the room she pushes a young security guard as she runs out of the room and the museum with the books. As the security guard stands up, he then enters the room. The guard then screams as a sprit comes out of the rock formation and chases him. As the guard screams and faint, the stone then begins shake and glow agian. The glowing light then turns into a wave of light. Suddenly a shockwave of supernatural light goes throughout the entire Manhatten island and Hudson bay area...


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