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Chapter 3:The Ghostbusters Meet Danny Phantom

      12:15 P.M.
    Danny continued to blast his enemy, dodging every move and attack...causing a lot of destruction in Time Square. Technus then shoots ectoplasmic goop at him, causing danny to fall to the ground. Technus then grabs Danny and says in a cocky manor: "SO LONG GHOST CHILD; HA, HA !!". Technus was about to destroy Danny once and for all, suddenly two powerful streams hit him in the back of the head. Techuns then screams in pain and lets go of Danny, who falls to the ground in front of eight grey suited men, with big packs on their packs.

"You OK young man ?"asked Egon. "Hey kid are you OK ?"asked Ray. "Wait a minute...Guys, I think this is that Danny Phantom kid"said Winston. "Hey kid aren't you that ghost boy that saved the world last year from the Disasteroid. Danny Phantom ?" asked Peter. Danny then got up and looked at the eight, while raising an eyebrow, with all of their equipment. "Hey are you the ghost kid Danny Phantom ?"asked Brian. "Oh sorry, yes I'm Danny Phantom and by your equipments and suits, you eight are the fmaous New York GHOSTBUSTERS"said Danny. "The same ones"said the eight Ghostbusters. "I'm Dr. Peter Venkman"said Peter. "Dr. Raymond Stantz"said Ray. "Dr. Egon Spengler"said Egon. "Winston Zeddmore"said Winston. "Neil anderson"said Neil. "Ed Spengler, Egon is my uncle"said Ed. "And I'm Pavel Karnov"said Pavel. "Very nice to meet you all"said Danny as he shook their hands. "Same why are you here ?"asked Peter. "On vacation, but it seems that I'm on a job"said Danny. "Oh, so that ghost is an enemy of yours ?"askled Winston. "Yes. His name is Technus and he has the power to control anything scientific and electrical technology. "So where is he ?"asked Neil. "What do you mean, he's right ove th-"said Danny, until he and the Ghostbusters saw that the giant electronic Technus was missing. "Um...where's this Technus guy ?"asked brian. "I'm right HERE !!!"shouted Technus. The nine then look back and see two cars flying towards them. The Ghostbusters and Danny then duck as the cars flip over them. "Oh yeah that's really fair, throw a car at us"said Peter as he and the others got up. "Alright Technus why don't you just give up and get in our trap"said Neil. "And who the heck are you eight ?"asked Technus as he looked upon them. "We're every ghosts worst nightmare, we're the GHOSTBUSTERSsaid Ray. "HA, HA, HA ! You eight are the infamous Ghostbusters"said Technus. "Ok Technus, I'll give you two choices"said Peter. "And they are ?!"asked Technus. "Choice #1:You give up, get in our trap, and we call it a day"said Peter. "And the 2nd choice ?"asked Technus "Choice #2:Us Ghostbusters and Danny Phantom here will fight with you, win, trap you, and call it a day" said Peter. " How about choice #3:We fight and I DESTROY YOU; HA, HA, HA !!!!"laughed Technus. "Well if that's your choice then...BLAST HIM !!!!"shouted Peter. Suddenly eight Proton Streams and one of Danny's ecto-stream then blasts Technus' his body. Technus' pieces then start to fall off piece by piece. The giant electrical ghost then starts to move his hands and trys to squash the nine. The nine then dodge his hit. Technus then shoots out two supernatural bolts of electricity onto some cars. The nine then stop as they see the cars start to glow and shake. Suddenly many pieces of Technus start to connect with the each other to form two 10 foot Mini-Electronic Galums. As we all may know, galums are entities that use the surrounding objects in the enviornment to crate Strong and powerful supernatural monsters. The nine then seperate into three groups to battle the Galums; Pavel and Neil versus one, while Ed and Brian fight the other one. As the others were fighting the galums; Peter, Ray, and Egon help Danny fight against Technus. "Switch on the Dark Matter Generator"ordered Egon. "Turn on the Nicine Collider and..."said Ray. "FIRE !!!!!"shouted Peter. Suddenly tfour giant powerful shotgun/fireballs come out of the Nutrena Wands and break big chunks off of Technus' body. "AAHH !!! I will destroy you pests !!"scremed an angry Technus vas he trys to grab the four Ghostbusters. The four then dodge each attack as he tries to grab them. Meanwhile, the others were fightning against the galums. "Come on, we have to weaken these things enough"said Ed. "There I see the weak spot"said Neil as he saw a glowing object, indicating it's weakness. Neil then grabs onto the galum's weakness and struggles as he tries to pull it off. Neil then pulls off the galums head off and sends pieces of electronics everywhere. At the same time, Brian pulls off the head of the other glaum and destroys it into pieces. "Nice job you guys"said Pavel. "Yeah, now let's get back with the guys"said Brian. The guys then turn around and see Danny thrown towards them. The four then get thrown as Danny hits them. The five then get knochked against the Ecto-1B and hear the scream for help from behind them. "GUYS, HELP !!!!"screamed Peter as he, Ray, Egon and Winston are being taken by Technus. "Let us go you bastard !!!"said an angry Wimston. "Heres my answer: NO !!!"shouted an angry Technus. "Let them go Technus !"ordered Danny. "I have a better plan, I take these four and go for a little ride"said Technus. Suddenly four big wheels pop out right under his two legs. "If you want them, then come after me. SO LONG !!! Ha, Ha, Ha !!"said Techuns as turned into a slick and evil looking car and burned, while having the four stuck inside. "Don't worry you guys, were coming"said Neil. "Here Mr. Phantom, you look pretty hurt, you should ride in with us"said Brian. "Thank you and please call me Danny"said Danny as he and the other Ghostbusters entered the car. pavel then turned on the ignition and turned on the Ecto-1B's sirens. Pavel then stomped on the gas peddle and burned rubber. The Ecto-1B then screeched as it was chasing Technus in his car form. Neil and Brian then get on top of the Ecto-1B and blast Technus, but the blasts keep on bouncing off his body. "Do you Ghostbusters ever give up ?"asked Technus. "We never do Technus and I bet that neither does Danny Phantom"said Pavel he was turned on the speakers. "Well the blasts aren't doing anything Ed"said Brian on the walkie talkies. "Ask Danny if he knows how to stop this guy"said Neil on the two-way-radio(walkie talkies). "OK so Danny, how do we stop Technus ?"asked Ed. "Well Ed, since he is in a car form...maybe we could give him a static shock and take out his battery"said Danny. "Good idea Danny, but how do you intend to do that. He has a sheild around him that penetrates our streams"said Pavel. "Well I could posse his body and shick his battery with my powers, but i can't fly yet...he kinda short circuted my flying abilities"said Danny. "OK...Danny you and I wil get on the roof and once we get close enough to Technus you try to jump on him and posse him. Pavel, try to get as close enough as it ?"instructed Ed. "Got it"said the two. Danny then phases through the roof and stands with Neil and Brian. "Ah ! Wow that 's cool"said Brian. Ed then get out of the car window annd get's on the car roof. "So what's the plan ?"asked Neil. "Danny posses the car and turn off the battery power. We try to protect him incase somthing bad happens, got it ?"asked Ed. "Got ya"said Neil. "Alright Danny, let's bust this techno geek and continue your vacation"said Brian. "You now waht ?...Wait for me Danny, I'm going with you"said Neil. "OK then, Brian is it ?"asked Danny. "That's my name"said Brian. "You and Ed protect me and Neil incase Techuns trys to do something bad on us" said Dany. "OK"said Ed and Brian. As Pavel was two feet from the car, Neil and Danny walk towards the edge "On three...THREE !!!"shouted Neil. Danny and neil then jump off of the Ecto-1B and land on Technus. "What the..."said Technus. the car then starts to rock back and forth as it tries to knock Danny and Neil off of the roof. "GET OFF OF ME !!!"shouted an angry Technus. "Not until you let go of my friends !!"said Neil. As the car and the Ecto-1B gets on the Brooklyn bridge, a giant claw comes from the back and grabs onto Danny. Suddenly Danny found himself hanging over the side of the car's lanes as passing cars were about to hit him. Technus then grabbed Neil with another claw and was holdnig him over the side bridge. Suddenly the car then turned around and swung the two around. Danny then found himself over the side of the bridge. Danny then thought up of an idea and soon started to phase through the claw and into the car's body. Soon as Techuns got to Time square he then turned himself back to normal. Technus then grabbed the four and said: "Well it's been nice knowing you, but I have a wrold to take over and I need you out of my way so...GOOD BYE GHOSTBUSTERS !!!!". Technus then lifted his hand and was about to smoosh the four onto the ground. Suddenly Technus' screen then began to show static. "What is go-go-going on with m-m-me-e-e-e ?"said a bugged Technus. The four then see Danny's symbol replace the word Tech 3.0 on Technus' chest. "You see Technus, every electronic soon starts to expire"said Ray. "And even if you are Supernatural, your electronic body will die out"said Egon. "Just like the TVs of today"said Winston. "And you Technus 3.0 are offically outdated"said Peter. Technus 3.0's screen then turns black. Suddenly the four fall out of Technus' hands and fall to the ground. The four then get up and see the body fall back and break into many pieces. "Like my stereo system, it always dies out"said neil as he and thothers got uot of the car and got back with the four. "You guys ok ?"asked Ed. "We're Ok, but where's Danny ?"asked Ray. The eight then look back at the body, suddenly Danny spews out of the body while holding Technus with his fists. "We'll take it from here Danny"said Peter. "Yeah so step back"said Ray. "Your the professionals"said Danny as he stepped back. Suddenly eight proton streams come blasting out of the wands and capture the weakened Technus in the streams. "Ok take out the trap"said Egon. Ed then rolls out an upgraded trap and the eight lead Technus to the yellow stream of light coming out of the trap. If you would like to know about this trap, then read my GBIII fanfic first, this story is more like a GBIV in the movie timeline.The eight then slam him down and trap then opens up and starts to suck him in. The trap doors then close and finally sucked Technus into the trap of Danny Phantom's new allies: The Ghostbusters.


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