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Chapter 2: From a Fun Vacation in NYC to a Hard Ghostbusting Job...for Danny Phantom

        11:45 A.M.
    In Time Square, Danny Fenton and his family(including his girlfriend Samantha Manson)were taking a vacation in New York City.

"Well you kids, what do you think of the vacation so far ?"asked Jack Fenton(Danny Fenton's father). "Great"said Jazz Fenton(Danny's sister). "Incredible Mr. Fenton"said Sam. "Very cool Dad"said Danny. "Well we'll be over there. You three look around, but get back here in one hour, ok "said Maddie Fenton(Danny's mother). As Danny's loved ones left him alone, Danny's ghost sense go off. Danny then turned around to see the screens in Time Square start to show static. The screens then turned off and start to turn green. A picture of a sphere then appeared, the sphere then turns around to reveal an evil face. The ghost boy then see's that it was Technus, a technological that is one of Danny's enemies from his hometown of Amity Park. The evil technological ghost then gave out bolts of supernatural electricty and gave life to the vehicles and machines around him. The machines then came to life and began to scare the people & destroy the place. "I'm Going Ghost !!!"shouted Danny. Suddenly two rings pooped around his torso and moved across his body. The teenager Danny Fenton soon turned into the famous hero DANNY PHANTOM. Danny the nflew up the the center screen in time Square and confronted Technus. "Hey Technus, what are you doing in the Big Apple...the technology in the Ghost Zone to shabby for ya !!" shouted Danny. "Well if it isn't the mere ghost child who always foils my plans for World Domination"said Technus. "Lets cut the chit-chat and why don't you tell me your plans"said Danny. "How about this: I don't tell you my plans and lets fight"said Technus. "Fine by me"said Danny. "Come to me my minions and let us fight this miserable ghost child once and for ALL !!!!"shouted Technus as he came out of the screen. The vehicles and machines then came together, as did some electrical objects, and formed around Technus. Danny's eyes then opened wide as a shadow cast over him. Danny then saw a 60 foot tall metalic and electronic monster, that had the words on it's chest: TECHNUS 3.0. The updated Technus then looks down at Danny and says to the halfa: "Now let's see if you'll foil my plans this time !!". "COUNT ON IT !!!!"shouted Danny as the two fought each other in a battle. As the crowds of people were running away, a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor parks next to the train station. Eight grey suited men the come out of the car and run down the streets(with big technical packs on their backs), ready to do some Ghostbusting...and meet a new Allie.


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