Fiction:"14 N. Moore St. Chapter 1. Ghostly Gangsters" by Tcrain12

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It was strange to see the firehouse again. Had it really been a decade since that painting had dreams of global domination? You want to talk about major psycho related events. The best thing that had come out of that was the monthly checks from the dancing toasters that the group had been able to sell. Those had been more of a hit than Pete could've imagined.

    As Ray stood across the street, snapshots of fuzzy memories drifted back into his mind. The landscape of the city had changed, but as he looked at the firehouse, it returned to the way he remembered it. The original team, which had disbanded in 95, was now held in a consultant type of position. Only if something got too out of hand, would they get called in. 
    'You know they can give you a ticket if you stand in one spot too long,' Winston Zeddmore, looking as fresh as he did the last time Ray had seen him stood next to him. Ray couldn't resist, it was in his nature. He reached for Winston and gave him a huge hug as a smile spread across his face. 
    Winston had moved to Chicago and worked for the city in the Paranormal Affairs Department. 
    'How is the second city?'
    'Good, getting clean. The air has been bad for the last few years, but with everyone trying to go green, it's getting better.'
    'And our friends who aren't living in Chicago?'
    'They pop up every now and then. I think the most interesting case we had was the one that made the news two years ago. Ray, it was like a brutal history lesson.'
    'Was that the mob bosses?'
    'That was it. One group was on one side of the street, another on the other and they were firing at each other like it was back in their time. It was the craziest residual event I have ever seen.'
    'Anybody get hurt?'
    'Nothing like that, scared one of the restaurant owners half to death, but other than that. The only other thing that was odd was the holes that were in the buildings. The owners pulled out some old photos of the buildings and sure enough, the holes then matched the holes that day.  The buildings had been renovated in the 80's but there they were, just as they had been. Very odd.'
   'Sounds like it. That's incredible. I wish I could've been there. What a time. I take it you got one of the letters too.'
    'Yeah, yours look like this too?'
    Winston produced an envelope from under his blazer. The envelope, addressed to him, seemed simple enough. The return address area didn't contain an address, just the logo. The equipment had changed, the faces and car had changed, but they hadn't messed with the logo. 
    'You talk to anyone else?'
    'No, Spangs is always hard to get a hold of and forget about Pete.'
    Winston let out a little chuckle. It was a reminiscent chuckle, but also a nervous one. If he and Ray were here and the others were on the way, something wasn't right. 


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