Fiction:""Either I have a Monster in my kitchen or I'm completly crazy"" by Dr. Isaac Venkman

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One time I went to grab a coke from the refridgerator...As I opened the door guess what I saw...Gozer's temple... and then Zuul came up to me and hand me a coke. and then I said "Oh hey zuul while you are at that, can you check and see in the back if the chicken is still fresh or do I have to throw it away? it's for tonight's dinner. you can come if you want. it's on the left next to the salad bowl. Bring Gozer along with you."

Anyways, later on I had my friend over and I showed him what's inside the fridge... he opened it up and found out there was nothing but junk food..

"But this was real, there was a space with a building with flames coming out from it and there were creatures riding around it and they were growing.. I heard a voice said Zuul. He even came up to me and gave me a coke. It was right here"


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