Cross the Streams Radio Show

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To the only Ghostbusters Podcast to be a Radio Show, hosted through and available at iTunes! What happens when you mix a theme being that of Ghostbusters with elements of a late night talk show? You get�The Cross the Streams Radio

The objective of our show is to pull Ghostbuter fans and to share a few laughs along the way. The show is made by Ghostbuster fans, for Ghostbuster fans, as the show deals with anything Ghostbusters related, either it is news about a new film or if it�s remembering the old cartoons, or even about the video games based on the franchise.

On the show we say what is on our mind, and with every show there is a table discussion with other enthusiastic Ghostbuster fans from all over the world.

However, we do warn you we can occasionally let a swear slip here or there, so please enter at your own risk.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed to the following email address: