Casting the Runes

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"Casting the Runes"
Extreme Ghostbusters episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 6
Written by John Semper
Production code 105
Original air date September 8, 1997 (1997-09-08)
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"The Infernal Machine"
Extreme Ghostbusters: Season 1
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A thief breaks into the New York City museum in an attempt to score the easy money; but when he comes across what he was looking to nab he finds an odd bag full of old runes and its the only thing he makes off with before the guards come. Soon the thief finds out that whoever he gets to touch the runes gets taken away buy a giant demon to some unknown dimension; and starts getting rid of people that bother him at every opportunity. Things really get serious when he gets Eduardo to touch one of the runes! Can the Extreme Ghostbusters crack the code of the runes and stop what ever evil waits on the other side to save their friend?




  • Character designer Fil Barlow had to come to US from Australia to work with us largely because of problems with the FAX machine. Our machines were somehow squashing and stretching the concept designs that came over from Australia, so we weren't getting the gist of what Fil wanted us to get. So Fil packed up his crew and brought them all over to the US studio. And he's been on nearly every Sony show since! - Shannon Muir.


Eduardo: "Curse of ages now be lifted!"