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The {{Reference}} template tags are useful for inserting reference photos from the GBFans.com site into articles without having to worry about changing urls. This code treats the images as if they were accessible from the Wiki itself. One drawback or limitation is that you cannot use these or external images in <gallery> tags.


{{Reference|Album #|Photo #|thumbnail|alignment|caption=}}

  • Reference is required to start the template code. It can be uppercase or lowercase.
  • Album # refers to the number in the URL for the particular set of photos. The album number can be found by looking at the URL for the album web page. For example this link: http://www.gbfans.com/equipment/reference/1/ has the album number of 1. http://www.gbfans.com/equipment/reference/20/ has the album number of 20.
  • Photo # refers to the number the photo appears on the page of the album. This can also be looked up in the URL of the file. For example: http://www.gbfans.com/images/equipment/reference/1/14.jpg refers to album # 1 and photo # 14.
  • If a thumbnail is to be specified, you must use the wording "thumb" between the 3rd set of brackets. Note if a thumbnail is NOT specified. The full image will be loaded with a limit on the width of the image. We recommend using the thumbnail 99.9% of the time.
  • If you wish to align that thumbnail into a certain position the alignment bracket can be given either: left, center, right. Thumbnails without a specification will always be right aligned.
  • To insert a caption, you must use the syntax of "caption=" then the caption. Captions are best supported on thumbnailed images.


  • {{Reference|1|1|thumb|center|caption=Hello. I'm a Proton Pack}}
Hello. I'm a Proton Pack

  • {{Reference|1|1|caption=Now I'm huge!}}
Now I'm huge!

  • {{Reference|1|1|thumb|right|caption=I'm over on the right now}}
I'm over on the right now