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The {{collapsible option}} template gives a standardised message for transclusion on template pages whose templates include a state parameter (through which their collapsibility may be managed).

It may be used on either the template page itself (wrapped within <noinclude></noinclude> tags), or on the template's {{documentation}} subpage.

Indicating optional state use

If, in a template where {{collapsible option}} has been transcluded, that template's state parameter has been enabled such that it need not be named when the template is called – i.e. the state parameter includes {{{1| }}}, e.g.

|state = {{{state|{{{1|}}}}}}
|state = {{{state|{{{1|<noinclude>expanded</noinclude>}}}}}}


{{collapsible option |state optional=true}}

adds the statement "Alternatively, the state= can be omitted" to the {{collapsible option}} message.

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