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By Kingpin

After the collapse of Eaglemoss Ltd, collectable company Premium & Collectibles Trading Co.raised hopes four months ago, when they added a web page to their Fanhome website for the buildable Ecto-1 replica.

After much waiting and stress, collectors will be relieved to know that the interest page has now become a preorder page, allowing fans in The United States, The United Kingdom and Germany to either start a subscription, or to resume where their subscription had got up to when Eaglemoss filed for bankruptcy.

And revealed to Jason Fitzsimmons at Ghostbusters News, the intention is for the stock for the buildable Ecto-1 to become available around mid-July.

Unfortunately, there are no details yet as to when the subscriptions will be extended to Austria and The Netherlands, and sadly there is no indication of whether the service will be extended to Canada.
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