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By Vahan
Anybody got one? I'd say this one from "Poultrygeist", the part where Egon says he's busy with something, and the phone is ringing (it was like something Peter would have said):

"Never mind, Egon. We wouldn't want you to 'strain' yourself".

Ooh, nice burn there.
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By Kingpin
The Collect Call of Cathulhu:
Subway punk: Yo Jack, where's the costume party happening?
Peter: Back of man, I'm a Ghostbuster
Subway punk: Oh yeah? I'd bet you was an astronaut or something, man.
Winston: You want, we can send you to the moon easy enough!

The Boogieman Cometh:
Egon: We've gotta go after him!
Winston: No we don't. Show me where it says that.

The Haunting of Heck House:
Winston: Sometimes, between the four of us, I don't think we have the brains God gave a doorknob!"
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By joezlo
I forget which episode but when referring to Ray or Egon he says, "Man, it's like talking to a tumble weed."

Or in the episode with Dib Devlin when he has to do the Wheel of Fortune puzzle & wins by going "eeeeearrrrghhhh!"
By Winston1986
I've got a few.
"Some people get cockroaches! We get imps!"
"I wish you guys would figure out what you're building. If I get destroyed by something I'd at least like to know by what."
"I'm worried about Peter. He seems, kind of down."
"Of course, winning or losing, isn't nearly as important as how you play the game. The Jags may not win this one, but they gave it their best."
"I'll go. I used to be a construction worker."
By joezlo
It was more of a Venkman line in Cry Uncle but,

Peter: "Dr Spengler, Dr Stanz, Dr Stanz, Dr Spengler, Dr Spengler, Dr Venkman, Dr Spengler, Dr Zeddemore, Dr Zeddemore Dr Spengler"

Winston : "But I'm not a-"

Peter: "Shh, I'm on a roll"
By joezlo
Episode where Ray gets the villain's to promise to hand over their weapons and they don't.

Peter: "That was your plan?"

Ray: "They said they promised!"

Winston: "That's not a plan, that's a character defect."

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