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By Ectojeff88
So last fall I had difficulty in getting my pack kit from Ben of Kent, the GB Fans shop hasn't had shells in forever, and I'm still on the wait list for Mack's Factory.

Are there any other vendor options currently out there for a shell/motherboard?

I've been eying the throwing chicken wand kit on Etsy, with parts to supplement for pack and wand from GB Fans but I still have the problem finding a shell/motherboard to get it all started.
By tobycj
Ectojeff88 wrote: July 3rd, 2022, 4:52 pm How is shipping timing with Proton Props?
You'd be best contacting David (owner of Proton Props) directly for that, but I don't believe the turnaround on his shells is very long. I know his actual shipping to the US is quick, counted in days not weeks (or months like some other vendors!)

    Hey welcome! Glad to see more NYC folks in here.

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