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By VenomSymbiote
be Egon? Egon always liked to snack in the films. They recently showed a scene of one of the kids trying to pry open a trap with a screw driver. If he succeeds it's possible the trap had a spook inside, which may be Muncher. What if Egon, knowing he was going to pass away, set something up to trap himself if he turned into a ghost? This came to mind because it felt weird that they'd go with yet another food loving ghost instead of Slimer. With the film revolving around Egons passing it just had me thinking if Muncher was more important than I thought at first. Plus as a completely boneheaded thought process, Muncher is a blue/baby blue color much like a certain somebodies animated counterparts jumpsuit.
By Coover5
I don't see him being Muncher but I must admit it never occurred to me that Egon would return in a less human looking form like Muncher or Slimer. I do like the idea of the town being afraid of Muncher but Ray arriving and upon seeing Muncher snack on coins from a register recognizing his old friend. Someone making a connection that can only be made because of years of friendship and loyalty. A look of recognition in Muncher's eyes.
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By VenomSymbiote
Davideverona wrote: June 9th, 2021, 10:57 pm Muncher eats metal, not snacks.
I did not know that. I could have swore I saw a toy or something of him that had all sorts of food in his belly. If I'm mistaken then my bad.

To Coover, yeah I've been curious if they'd do something like that for a while. Not saying I think they should or anything. Some folks have issue with using a deceased persons likeness for a film which I understand. When the franchise you're making a film for revolves around ghosts? It becomes a balance between wanting to honor their memory but also keep things believable within the world. Like, would Egon after passing away want to just vanish or cross over? After having moved all the equipment somewhere to keep it safe? You'd think he'd want to keep an eye on it. If he was less Harold Ramis and more goofy GB styled ghost I think people would be less angry at the idea especially considering the setting. Though on the flip side some may be angry if he didn't just look straight up like Ramis so... can't please everyone.
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By Alphagaia
I remember slimer turning blue once in the cartoon? Perhaps he is somehow corrupted to become Muncher?
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By Fritz
Alphagaia wrote: June 16th, 2021, 8:11 am I remember slimer turning blue once in the cartoon? Perhaps he is somehow corrupted to become Muncher?
"Adventures In Slime And Space"
https://www.gbfans.com/wiki/Adventures_ ... _and_Space
https://ghostbusters.fandom.com/wiki/Ad ... _and_Space

He'd been shattered into a bunch of little Slimers by plasmic strainer, and when they reversed the effect Slimer was blue until he finally restabilized.

Image--Stabilized being a fairly relative term in his case.
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