Looking amazing so far Dan. You got an eye for the fine details my man! Look forward to seeing more.
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Dan AKA wrote: May 2nd, 2020, 10:01 pm Got the ribbon cable on today, going to do a little more tightening up on the cable, and I had to reposition the PPD Danger label.


I didnt know the PPD label was meant to be lower on the superhero pack. I love those little differences that this pack has to the rest.
Amazing thread, I actually found this from a google search. I have been collecting parts for 10 years now and finally going to start my super hero tribute

Dan has done all the hard work already, I have to thank you for all the detail in this thread it really is a re fresher

I for one didn’t know about the PPD label being lower OR the gaffers tape on the power cell box!!

I imagine the gaffers tape is to stop light bleeding through? Either way I love it!!

I also never realized the power cell had the L bracket Mount in it.. I knew the above mount was missing but never realized the hole there was originally for the mount!

Can I view your Facebook reference with out having a Facebook account?

Thanks again for all the detailed information in here, you really helped me out a lot

Oh! I’m so curious about the flipped bumper and the blue label?!

Also didn’t the super Heros cyclotron lights run counter clockwise?
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