Would you guys be interested in us developing a casual bomber jacket based on the flightsuit? It'd be something you could wear regularly instead of just as a costume. Here are some thoughts:

Use same rip-stop nylon, but fully line the jacket for practical wear (with interior wallet pocket, etc).
Change collar from round to standard bomber style collar
Waist length (add a banded panel at the waist and change the velcro waist tabs to rear facing, more like a standard jacket)
Keep front and sleeve pockets the same (possibly change front pockets to smaller version?)
Keep noghost and customizable name patches as available options

What do you guys think? Pricing would likely be about the same as the flight suit ($195 shipped).
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The only way to lower the price point more (this is already cheaper than any of our other jackets) would be to make it unlined (like the jumpsuit), possibly change materials (which I think would be a shame since the ripstop is so good) and make them in standard sizing (instead of made-to-measure).
As someone looking for this exact jacket as a practical choice I don't see any issues with any of the changes that lower the cost. I will admit though I'm surprised by the lack of responses to this. I know I'm not alone in wanting something like this so I thought this would get more reaction especially coming from a respected maker.

And for what it's worth I also have no issues in the changes you are thinking of making when converting it from flight suit to jacket. Keep us up-to-date on this if it goes ahead.
I would absolutely buy a couple of them. Maybe even more if we were given the same options eith the jackets as we are the suits (GB, GBII, GBII charcoal). There are a couple non-milspec jackets I have been eyeing for a while for this very thing, but I haven't pulled the trigger because they just weren't enough like the flight suits. This would solve that problem 150%.
I would consider it pending a prototype.

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