I figured I'd post it here, as this seems like the most logical place. When I need to order socket head screws, this is the place I go. You can get every size, and varying lengths. They also run promotions quite often (current one is 30% of an order of $75 or more).

Some of the quantities are better suited to bulk orders, but if a GB franchise or group of people got together and ordered, I think it'd be worthwile. I haven't done a lot of research to see what other companies are out there, but figured it couldn't hurt to post my findings!

Already done just check out my shop. Those prices are ok but I've found cheaper hence why my sets average 30 cents a screw. Cheaper than Ace, Lowes, or Home Depot. Also my sets are marked clearly as to what each screw is and where it goes. I take all the guess work out of length needed as well. Nothing sucks more then throwing down $20 plus dollars on hardware only to find you bought the wrong length or type/size.
I'm trying to decide between 10-32 for my bumper, or 1/4-20. In all reality, I'll be using 10-24 if anything since that's what I have and it's what I've been using on my pack exclusively :oops:

I'm leaning towards the 1/4-20 despite the norm seemingly being 10-32, just because they're a bit beefier.


EDIT: Also, this thread should be stickied.
The hero packs definitely used 1/4-20 screws for the bumpers, so your instinct is correct :-).
1/4-20 socket caps for GB1
1/4-20 round head phillips screw for GB2
Good to know I'm not crazy.

One thing I need to do is come up with a chart that shows screw sizes, and along with it two drill size measurements - one if plan to tap the hole for the screw, and another for if the screw is supposed to go through the hole without screwing into it. Just for my own records :)
By gEkX
In the chat the other day we were talking about the spacers on the gun knub.

I think we may found some decent ones.


Funny thing, I figured the smaller ones would be correct but it turns out the larger ones are very close:




Info from the eBay Listing:
This item has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of: $2.00 !!
This is four Bronze Bushings to be used on a swing rack assembly from Team Associated.

This is a stock part for:

RC10 GT2

Made of Bronze
Reduced Weight

Two (2) 5x8 Bushings
Two (2) 3.5x6 Bushings

Again, the 3.5mm ID are too small. I like the OD of the 5mm ones but there is a little "wiggle" room.

You may be able to get away with some 4mm ID bushings.

I assume any Hobby store that carries RC car stuff would have these.

The only other options I've seen are thick Brass Component Flat Washers, price wise they are a little outrageous:


I recommend doing a eBay search for the bushings if you don't have a hobby shop close to you.
Thanks gEkX! I searched on eBay and found this exact thing. Then I realized the seller is local to my town, and I could go pick it up cheaper than the eBay price and without shipping fees.
What lengths do you all recommend for the various screws or do you just try to figure out what would fit and go from there? I have been able to find the size of all the screws, but the length to get is always the tricky part. TIA

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