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By BudgieBrain26
Alright everyone! I would like to see if people are interested or have feedback on the idea of an open-city Ghostbusters game! Think of games like Dying Light, Dead Island, or Grand-Theft Auto, and instead of zombies or gangs, add ghosts, ghouls, and Ghostbusters!!

Picture being able to walk the city streets or patrol in Ecto-1 looking for paranormal disturbances. Bust alongside the team, or on co-op online, and take down the next big thing after Gozer. There would be a main storyline that you and the other Busters would progress through, numerous side missions of hauntings, possessions, and strange occurrances, and constant phone calls from Janine and people all over the city having run-ins with the Other Worldly! Every bust earns you money to buy more equipment, upgrades, or things for Headquarters. Face enemies from the comic book series and the cartoon show. Live the life of a Real Ghostbuster!!

I would love to see the interest for a game like this! If there was enough support and backing, I feel like we could actually achieve this, but EVERYONE would have to be on board! If a board game can gain $1.5 million, what do you think a video game could raise?

I have also posted this on The Saskatchewan Ghostbusters facebook page! Feel free to 'like' us and add your input or support there as well! How incredible would it be if we could make this happen!!
By BudgieBrain26
joeghostbuster wrote:do you have a link ? or is this just an idea youre throwing out there?
It's an idea i'm throwing out there. But it's an idea that should be known because it could turn out to be one of the best games for the franchise. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Ghostbusters - The Video Game, but the potential that this AAA, action-adventure game has is amazing! You're playing as The Ghostbusters, running the business, fighting off the next big, paranormal God!
Ecto_1X wrote:That would be cool. It would be a awesome mmorpg. Something similar to MarvelHeroes right ?
I'm not too familiar with Marvel Heroes, I was thinking more of the Dying Light, Grand-Theft Auto style. You have free play, you can just run around the city or drive around in Ecto, and bust the many different ghosts and goblins that you find. Janine will constantly be calling you with customers who called for the Ghostbusters. Or you'll run in to random encounters with people who claim they're being haunted, or something weird is happening at their house. You have the main story mission, defeating the next big thing after Gozer and all the ghosts/bosses that he would summon your way. You have numerous side quests that pop up, which would be like clearing people's houses of ghosts, children complaining about the Boogie-man, a possible containment breach and you have to round of the spooks that got away. Basically, you ARE the Ghost Busting business. The more you Bust, the more money you earn, which you can spend on new equipment, upgrades, or vehicles/stuff for headquarters. If you're careless when you're catching the ghosts, and damage everything, then you'll walk away with next to no cash, but if you bust efficiently and effectively, with minimal damage, you walk away with a nice, big paycheck.

I could see myself spending hours just driving Ecto around, looking for ghosts or encounters to help people out!!
By South Suburbs GBFan
David Crane was way ahead of his time, because that's what the original Ghostbusters game strove to do, but it was limited by the technology of the time. I remember an interview somewhere in which Crane speculated on what would eventually become the Internet, and envisioned his game as something of a precursor to what FarmVille and others perfected. Couldn't source it for the life of me, though--it's just a half-remembered memory.

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