Just a stray thought I had while coming up with ideas to upgrade/differentiate my uniform. Anybody who incorporates fingerless gloves/gauntlets, what brand recommendations do you have? I’ve seen some paintball gloves that would have suited me, but just throwing it out there to the community for those that like to sport the look!
I wear a pair of OD tactical fingerless gloves with my khaki suit. A few of my guys wear tactical or paint ball gloves. Also if you're looking for the ATC gauntlet glove combo, a pair of weight lifting gloves with wrist support look pretty close.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00S0 ... UTF8&psc=1

ATC Style
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D2 ... UTF8&psc=1
I very seldom wear or carry my chemical gloves, since here in the Deep South, they generally tend to just fill up with hand-sweat. Plus there was the time the rubber glove pulled the paint off my PKE Meter, but that's another story.

But one recent encounter made me think I might need to start bringing the gloves out more often...

Last week, the wife of a friend of mine messaged me to see if I would throw on the gear and come over and entertain her sons and their friend during a playdate, because the visitor had mentioned Ghostbusters about a dozen times while being there.

(Actually, when she sent me the message saying "Do you want to come over and play Ghostbuster?", I replied "Rachel, please, you're married to one of my dearest friends!" to which both she and her husband laughed.)

Orion was visiting my Mom at the time, but Zak and I both kitted up and drove two streets over. It was a total fluke that my pack had a charge on the blue-brick from the week before, so I took the more 'impressive' one though I've been known to wear Orion's much-lighter pack if mine won't have power or if it's a night event where all they'll see is the lights.

The visiting kid, who was all of five or six years old, told me first that he had a toy Ghostbusters gun at his house which was "even better than the real thing". Then he asked me in a somewhat condescending manner where my gloves were.

I don't generally find myself getting 'dressed down' by a child on the details like that.

Maybe it's time to get a little more on-model.

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Haven't been around a lot in gear yet, but i'd consider the gloves as "pretty important detail of the total look of a fully geared up buster on duty", since it adds up (as well as the ellbow-pads) to the "exterminator"-style the original uniforms refer to. Even though they're honestly not much fun to wear, but haveing them somewhere, like hanging on the belt or from a pocket does add up (sorry - no pic) i think.

Wouldn't consider them as mandatory, if there's none of the actual ghost-catching gear (pack or trap) involved as well - so when things get dirty (as busting ghosts always will), it's better to have 'em at hand (literally) :wink:
I personally wear a pair of these https://www.amazon.com/Iwinter-Tactical ... 078MH1J3S/
I tried once using the chemical gloves and my hands looked like prunes when I was finally able to take them off.
The gloves I linked are quite comfortable to wear and my hands don't sweat in them so it's a win/win to me.
Since I use the Spirit pack, I go with a pair of close-fitting nitrile work gloves from the dollar store. Not at all accurate, but I tried a more accurate pair with the tiny wand, and ended up pulling the cap off the fire button. (In before "try Ben of Kent," I have an 84% wand kit from him, but I've got more than enough going on as it is! And I super-glued the 3D-printed V-hook into the pack, so... :blush: )
I carry chemical gloves on my belt but never actually intend to wear them much... particularly as I temporarily ended up with 2x left handed gloves! Haha
It's probably been done to death already, but I always assumed they were essential to isolate the user from the dangerous electrical effects of the wand - hence I've wrapped my grips with electrical tape to theoretically perform the same function, so I can happily blast away without 'having' to wear gloves.

Mind you when I was a kid I begged someone to get me suitable gloves; ended up with turquoise marigolds... I wore them (as I 'had' to for the aforementioned safety reason), but was NOT impressed...

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