For users in: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio & Wisconsin.
By minnesotaghost
The grocery store that I work for is planning to expand to Aurora. And I am gonna transfer over there, since I was born there and my grandparents live there.
By Doc_LaVoy
Well then, welcome to the neighborhood!

What are we running an exchange program? One of our founding members moved to Minnesota a few years ago, and now you're moving down here.
By jmfoxfire
keoni wrote:GRAYSLAKE!!!! Thats where Im originally from. My whole family is from Grays,Gages, and Wildood!! Damn, where were you like 5 years ago when I was at CLC?? LOL
in 5 years i was in lake villa looking up stuff on sites and helping with my mom's daycare.oh and by the way i thank im the only furry on the ghostbusters fan form =^_^=
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By Tyrael
theguitarman wrote:Hello everyone! Another Illinois-ian checking in! (Or is it Illinois-ite?)

Sorry, I'm from Iowa. :P (herp derp idiots out walking around hur hur)
By Magickman
dudeurock wrote:I'm from Peoria!
Cool! It's nice to see more people on here from East Central IL area. (Urbana for me).

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