By Darth_Egon
So I am debating on having the pop mech on my TC thrower. I know it was used in two scenes in GB but none in GB2. So it would be ok not to have it for a GB 2 thrower and still be screen accurate?
By ccv66
Your friends are going to be impressed regardless. The average fan doesn't even know it pops out. Your only question is , Does it bother you and are you worried about impressing people on the internet?

As far as impressing people on the internet, some of the screen used hero packs are in private collector's hands. you're going to be a bottom feeder to somebody no matter what
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By err404
A pop mechanism can make the wand much more satisfying to play with. If you can add it at a reasonable cost, I’d do it.
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By Kingpin
It also adds an extra level of "Ooooo" factor when you're getting ready to demonstrate firing the Thrower. :)
By Darth_Egon
True!!!! I would have to try and scratch build one though. FreekyGeeky isn’t in stock and god knows when Mack’s will have them ready .
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By Kingpin
I'd also be wary about what sort of strain the spring-loaded portion of the mechanism would put on the 3D-printed parts. I'd much rather have those pieces in metal where they'd be less likely to potentially break under the strain/repeated use.
By Scuba Steve
I've been playing around with a 3d printer for the past year, and I would completely trust 3d printed parts in a pop mechanism to hold up to the strain of repeated use. Assuming you print the part on the correct axis, with thicker walls and more infill, it would be just fine.

The one piece I printed that I would not trust to repeated use is the vhook. It's strong... But it just isn't worth the risk of breaking and damaging the wand.
By gerard55
Personally i feel 3d printed stuff is very strong, i bought a pair of 3d printed grips and they're like a brick they're so solid. I was expecting something that had a bit of give to it and was really surprised at just how solid they are, literally no movement in them whatsoever even when trying hard to bend them one way or another.

Also this video showing a 3d printed v hook in action.

I think a 3d printed pop mech would easily stand up to repeated popping.
Darth_Egon wrote: December 6th, 2020, 8:44 pm That looks promising but I do not have a 3D printer

There are services online you can upload files to that print the parts, the parts for that are quite small so might be worth a look :-o
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By Kingpin
gerard55 wrote: December 7th, 2020, 8:53 am Also this video showing a 3d printed v hook in action.
Quite appropriate you mentioned the V-Hook specifically, I saw a shared photo of a 3D-printed V-Hook last night which had a chunk sheered off of it:

By gerard55
Might not have been printed dense enough, when they're infilled fully they're like bricks. If printed correctly there's no way a wand would put enough stress on a 3d printed v hook to make it snap off.
By err404
My pack is nearly 100% 3D printed (mostly to see if I could). The pop mechanism is smooth and reliable, and vhook as sturdy as it could need to be. That said 3D printing for structural parts is not straightforward. Mechanical stresses need to be considered to avoid layer delamination and some parts may need to use different materials. For example I separated parts that could have been a single piece in to multiple parts to align stresses perpendicular to layer lines and thickened areas in subtle ways to increase strength. My wand vhook is about 2.5mm thick. I was also worried about the pop impact stress and used PETG at a slightly higher temp for strength and shock resistance. I think I did some overkill, but I am very confident that the parts will hold up. The only part I am currently worried about is the Rothco frame.
All that said, 3D printed parts can fail if not properly made.
By ccv66
Nothing wrong with 3d parts, but the vhook takes the most abuse and if it fails your wand is busting into a 1000 pieces. Think that be one of the few pieces I'd buy metal.
That being said looks like the wand from kingpins screenshot looked like the screws might have been over tightened. Would have liked to see a bigger screw head and the back side wasn't flush against the wand. Probably should have used a washer

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