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By Ecto24601
Dear fellow fans and members,

It's my pleasure to introduce myself.
TLDR: Loved ghostbusters, especially GB2 as a kid, lost interest, thought ATC killed it for good, the playmobil toys revived my interest and I can't wait for Afterlife/Legacy!

I'm Chris from Germany, and since my childhood a life-long fan of the Ghostbusters. I was born in 1983 and my first taste was the Real GB cartoon, which first aired in Germany in 1989, and after that the GB2 movie. Ever since then I was always more a GB2 fan-in fact in the early 90s everytime my parents and I went to the video rental store, I insisted to rent out the GB2 tape, to such an extent that the store owner gave up and told me to keep it for good, even organizing the proper video cover inlay! I can't tell how many times I watched the montage, it was basically non-stop rewind. As for the Kenner toys, I had the Firehouse, Ecto-2 and Ecto bomber, the Highway Haunter (which in German is called "Ghostbeetle") as well as the fright feature series figures. I missed on the first wave of the proper RGB figures and never had the Ecto-1, and as for the prop toys all I ever received was the voice modulator ghost trap, which is utterly useless. But all you really wanna do as a kid is gear and dress up as a ghostbuster yourself right? Lacking the Kenner pack and trap I built my own from Lego-Lego wand, Lego trap, black backpack-boom! It was decent for the time...
But kids go through toy cycles, as we all know. Mine were Ghostbusters-Turtles-Hook-Jurassic Park, so after 91/92-ish I lost interest in the franchise. I always loved the movies more than the cartoon series, and the toys never gave me that movie vibe. As I said I love GB2 and I always wanted a proper Ecto-1A...yeah, you know the story in the early 90s. Kenner's was a bad joke and there was nothing else. Goodbye interest. So my love for GB died down, never watched the extreme stuff, when we moved all my RGB toys got lost or rid off...still loved the movies, but that was that. Hence I missed the video game except for some background noise. Fast forward to 2016, and my honest opinion on ATC was that the franchise, after all these years of wait and rumors about GB3, was dead and buried, except for nostalgia for the original movies. I thought that was the one shot they had to revive it and ruined it. I was actually surprised to see the playmobil stuff in a store display one year later, and was amazed that this even existed and how great that looked. However I wasn't crazy enough to actually buy it...although this would have redeemed my childhood wishes. But when they brought out the Ecto-1A...yeeeees!! Finally!! I couldn't resist anymore and bought all of the stuff. So, thanks to the most excellent playmobil series my interest in Ghostbusters altogether was revived. I was so happy when the remastered video game was released and finally had the chance to play it. I follow everything related to GB:Afterlife/Legacy, and I'm trying to catch up on the Mattel/Matty prop toys...that's a real big miss on my part-again, it's what I had always wanted as a kid, movie-accurate prop replicas. So, looking forward to the release of Afterlife/Legacy next year and am really hoping that Hasbro will produce more prop replicas after the neutrona wand...please...gimme that remote trap! ;)
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