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By EnderWeggen
Mercifull, Thank you so much for doing this, No One should be discouraged from becoming a ghostbuster if anything its time that the Elite Ghostbusters start accepting peoples love of ghostbusters because we all have to start some ware ALL Ghostbusters have there first pack that at the time was Everything for them just to be able to be a Ghostbuster. I am Positive if we called out every one with a Super Screen Accurate Pack To show us the first pack they ever built or had it would be just like yours or be A Blue Kenner pack that so many loved to have.

Cheers Sir :crunch:
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By Mercifull
Don’t get me wrong I’ve got a lot of respect for the high quality shells by gbfans and Ben of Kent for example, and that new resin 3D printed one looks really promising. But I don’t like all this fighting over accuracy, especially when even the screen used ones are all over the place in between shots and movies. Most of us all started with Kenner packs.
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By Mercifull
Hi thanks for your comment. Apologies for forgetting you name I did write it on a piece of paper but subsequently lost it when I started filming. If it’s any consolation I also seemed to forget about half the rest of the English language as well haha.

The pack holds up fairly well to bumps when out and about at cons but I’ve been lucky not to have a major bash. I’m usually playing music as well from a small Bluetooth speaker in the tube under the “ladder” so it’s hard for me to sneak up on anyone too closely.
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