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By Anjin84
hi! I'm originally from NY, however I now spend my days in AZ. I am a contract artist. Tattoos included. I have a gorgeous wife and 6 kids! I was born in 84 and GB have always just been my passion. It did however take a backseat for a few years when Jurassic Park came out. Now I have love and budget for both!! It has always been my dream to be a GB and things have become much cheaper in the age of gadgets like 3d printing, so that dream is finally becoming a reality! I am about to completely trick out my spirit pack with the GBfans light kit,stingynerds detail upgrade kit, and a plasma series wand. Next I'll be doing some cosmetics to my walmart trap, and p.k.e. ( I'm looking for the grid pattern on the p.k.e meter as a decal). Well i hope to see you all out there (once we can again).
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